7 Productive Activities to Try During Social Distancing

The first year of my #40before40 list I tried out lots of things and learnt quite a few new skills. Whilst we are practising social distancing to help flatten the curve of coronavirus, we are having to become creative with how we spend our time, learning a new skill is the perfect antidote. While we can’t visit non-essential places we usually enjoy going to (restaurants, cafés, etc.) and meet up with friends, it is important to find things to do during this time. Take advantage of relaxing a bit, but also to dedicate time to things that we normally don’t have the  “time” to do.  

Here are 7 productive activities to try during social distancing: 

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Learn a new language

Learning a new language takes time and effort, and taking even just a bit of time during social distancing to learn the basics of a language is a productive and fun use of time! You can use language learning apps like for example Babbel to follow a guided course path and engage with language learning in a fun and effective way. You can also sync up with a conversation partner virtually (a great a social outlet as well!), watch a film with subtitles in the language you are learning, and label items in your home in your intended language so everyday phrases become more natural. 

Learn how to play an instrument 

Music is good for the soul, and learning how to play an instrument is entertaining and a way to focus on something creative (and productive). You can find how-to videos online and even hire a music teacher online for virtual lessons. 

Read books that have been waiting for you on the shelf

Now is the time to read those books that have been calling your name for some time. Choose one that has a storyline that will give you that way of escapism you are craving right now.  

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Learn new recipes

While we are spending a lot of time at home and it is more important than ever to boost our health, it’s a great time to improve your skills in the kitchen and find/try out new healthy recipes! Many people find that they ‘don’t have the time’ to cook a healthy meal when work and life are busy, so incorporate some meal prep ideas or ideas that don’t take long to cook into your know-how. This way, these recipes that you enjoy can be added to your rotation when it’s safe for ‘normal’ life picks up again. 

Make craft projects with your children or a DIY on your own

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Craft projects are fun, get you focused, and is a way you can spend some solo time letting your creativity flow or a way to spend time with your kids where you enjoy doing something together. You can try DIY activities, create something for the home, do a project for the garden that (safely) gets you outside, or try something new that works with the materials you already have at home! Crafting and embracing your creativity is an overall great way to build confidence, make you happier and increase your willingness to try something new. 

Let your imagination run!  

Declutter a room or space in your home (e.g. the garage)

We all have that one space in our home that we just know is there and needs to be sorted out. In the back of our mind, we always know it’s there but it can be all too easy to avoid tackling that organization project. 

So take this opportunity to declutter that room or space in your home (or your car!) You’ll feel better once you clear up space, in terms of your physical space and your mental space. 

Watch a documentary 

A documentary is a fun way to learn, especially when you dive into a topic that you enjoy and get the visual aspect of learning. Plus, if and when you find a topic that you are passionate about you can dive further into it by reading books, finding articles and researching more about it.  

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There are many other things you can do, but it’s also important to let yourself do nothing, relax and not be obsessed with being productive if you don’t feel like it. We can take this time to be productive, it is also important to let yourself process, feel and be in tune with yourself day-to-day and focusing so much on productivity can cloud that. 

Stay home, save lives. Stay safe people x


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