6 Places Where Freelancing Mums Have Been Surprisingly Productive!

I write A LOT about working from home, productivity and home offices, I know I sound like a broken record I really do. But there is a lot to be said about having the best set up at home in order to be your most productive.  At the end of the day, unless you actually get stuff done, you don’t earn an income and you don’t grow your business. #fact
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However, I fully appreciate that just sometimes sitting by yourself looking at the same 4 walls does absolutely nothing to inspire or develop your creativity.  Getting out of your home office and being around others can be a great boost for your productivity.  I’m always amazed at the random places I seem to be the most productive and after asking around would appear I’m not the only one!

6 Places Where Freelancing Mums Have Been Surprisingly Productive! :

  1. After School Clubs : Whether it be swimming lessons for babies and children, gymnastics or sat on the side of a football pitch when you just have one job; to watch them perform in there chosen activity and instead you get that surge of productivity. I’ve worn many a pencil down watching Olive do front crawl! Nothing like a bit of “you did a great job” lying to pile on the mum guilt.  swimming Olive
  2. Trains, Planes and Automobiles : Nothing about transportation as a place to be productive should work. They are noisy, crowded, moving environments but there’s something about a long commute and not being distracted by people around you that enables you to totally fine-tune your productivity and concentration.
  3. The Child Blanket : Mums in business become proficient at doing things in the most unlikely position. I wrote a large proportion of my first book Crafting a Successful Small Business one-handed finger typing whilst breastfeeding Olive.  I sometimes think now I got a lot more done one-handed! As they are heading towards being teenagers and far cooler than I ever was, I almost miss them draped over me whilst I try to work.
  4. The 30-minute Deadline :  How is it that when you are faced with a looming deadline you suddenly become both talented and super productive? It makes no human sense!  This is also always followed by at least 3/4 days prior of staring into space for inspiration!
  5. Parks and Recreation :  “I write blog post drafts in notes on my iPhone, then email them to myself. This means that when I do get a bit of time at my desk, it’s mostly tweaking I need to do. Most parents in the park are staring at facebook on their phone. I’m usually either researching a blog post or writing a draft post.” Mumfounded parks budget summer holiday
  6. The Hotel Bathroom/Floor Senario : Infamous amongst bloggers. I mean did you even go on a press trip/day out if there isn’t a photo of you trying to blog in the bath drinking wine out of the plastic toothbrush cup? I suggest not.

Do you have somewhere totally random yet oh so productive to add to the list?

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