Facebook Timeline … Public Safety Warning

Have you taken the plunge? Are you now the proud owner of the new Facebook Timeline?  When I first saw it I thought hummm another change we really could do without .. maybe the tech guys should go on holiday instead of continuously altering things we really like.’  Come on! I know you agree with me! Remember the back lash the first time they changed our beloved profile. And don’t get my started in the likers .. I still refer to them as fans well it is a ‘Fanpage‘!  But I bite the bullet and changed over to the new timeline, I liked the fact you  had 7 days to play before it became public, what I didn’t like was how suddenly people I wasn’t friends with were liking my status updates and pictures!!

Cue made dash like a mad women to my privacy settings that are customised to not allow this to happen!!!  Which still state this isn’t allow to happen!! So after a night of de-friending and fiddling with my lovely aid Rachel I soon sorted out the issue.  The new timeline defaults all your posts/pictures/links – you name it to public. YES that’s right public!!!  What you need to do is go into your privacy settings and scroll down to where is says – Limit the Audience for Past Posts and follow the instructions there!!


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