How To Raise An Optimistic Child

We all want our children to feel optimistic about life and tackle challenges in a positive way, but it’s a mindset they have to develop over time. As parents, we have a big role to play in helping our children develop an upbeat attitude to life, and we can help them get into the habit of viewing life positively. If you want to make sure you raise an optimistic child, read on for some advice from a prep school in London

How To Raise An Optimistic Child:

How To Raise An Optimistic Child

Limit Complaining: If your child sees you regularly complaining about things or dwelling on negative possibilities, it’s more likely they’ll adopt the same mindset. Instead, try to focus on the things that are going well and let your child see you talking positively about challenges or setbacks. Ask them to help you find the silver lining when things aren’t going your way and tell them about the good parts of your day. If you’re stuck in a traffic jam, for example, point out to your child that it’s a chance for you both to chat or listen to some music you like, rather than complaining about how inconvenient it is. 

Encourage Small Risks: Our natural instinct is to protect our children at all costs, but if we wrap them in cotton wool, they’ll never learn what they’re capable of. Taking small risks and succeeding boosts children’s self-esteem and increases their confidence to try new things and take on challenges. Encourage your child to build up gradually to take bigger risks to reach a goal they have so they’re not afraid to give things a go. If they fail, explain that failure is a part of life and simply an opportunity for growth, and they shouldn’t see it as a sign to give up or shy away from things. 

Keep A Sense Of Perspective: Part of optimism is being able to keep things in perspective and see the bigger picture. If your child faces a disappointment or setback, explain that everyone faces such things, and it just means they might have to change tack or re-evaluate their goals. Try to help your child see that one failure isn’t a catastrophe and that it can actually teach them valuable lessons. Encourage them to look at a challenging situation from all angles and find positive solutions they can focus on rather than dwelling on the negatives.

Helping your child develop a positive attitude will stand them in good stead throughout life and enable them to tackle the inevitable challenges they’ll face head-on. 


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