5 Security Deterrents Your Business Needs

All businesses have security risks, little or large, so it’s important that you have suitable security in place should you become a target for theft or damage. Knowing the level to take your security to will largely depend on the safety concerns of the area you’re situated in, previous experiences, liability issues, the cost of your stock and the level of secure documentation that your business holds. Once you’ve done some research about the level of security your business needs, here are five deterrents you may want to consider investing in…

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Security Guards :

Having security guards at the entrances and exits of your business are a huge deterrent to criminals, simply because they know they’re being watched. A security guard’s presence might make criminals less inclined to make a move on your business, or at the very least, likely to escape with less if they do go ahead with their plans. Security guards are also highly trained to safeguard your company and are likely to pick up on unusual behaviour around the property or potential security breaches that could arise in the future. Investing in a security guard could end up saving your business money in the long run.

Entrances and Exits :

An old wooden door may look aesthetically pleasing, but it’s barely keeping the draught out let alone preventing a break-in. Replace the wooden door entirely by investing in a steel security door. It will give you peace of mind while you’re away from the property or working alone. You could also consider security grilles and roller shutters to really deter anyone that might be thinking of breaking in.


CCTV can be one of the most useful home security deterrents that you can invest in. CCTV allows you to check back and see who has been in your building and identify any unauthorised persons. As well as using it as a tool once something has happened, it’s likely that CCTV will stop criminals in their tracks in the first place, serving as a preventative security measure. It’s best to position cameras at access points around the perimeter of your building as well as any restricted areas.

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Commercial Security Systems :

Commercial security systems are the most advanced security technology system. By using surveillance cameras that record, via motion detectors, any kind of activity around your business premises, monitoring any staff entering or exiting.


When choosing security alarms don’t forget to include fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and security alarms. You need all three to ensure your business premises are safe and secure. Security alarms are a good deterrent to criminals as the noise and direct contact with the police don’t leave them with much time to act. You need to make sure that alarms are regularly maintained to check they are in good working order. You may also wish to invest in some safety equipment, like a carbon monoxide respirator or two, to help protect those who may need to go into the affected area after a leak has occurred for whatever reason.

Access Control :

For small businesses, you can get away with a good old-fashioned key for entrances, exits and internal doors. If you need a locksmith in Shoreham to check your locks or fit new ones try Seymour Locksmiths. However, as soon as you’re employing over 20 people or so you may want to consider investing in electronic proximity readers or biometric locks that require a personal recognition card to be scanned before entry. An access control system will allow you to record every opening and attempted opening of each door.

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