Is your business social media savvy?

Social Media is now a vital part of daily marketing for majority of small businesses these days.
But just how much time do we spend tweeting and liking? According to this infographic from Sage – an hour a day.
An hour a day! Are they joking!?
I think I spend more like 3/4 hours a day on social media and the reason why – I don’t separate “playing” and “working” time on Facebook! Which is a MUST!!!

The section which looks at what social media platforms business use is also really interesting. I was surprised that only 7% had their own blog. If you don’t already partake in a spot of business blogging you really should! It’s a great way to build your brand, become an expert in your given genre and develop a rapport with your customers and potential ones.


What do you think of Sage’s infographic?
I initially thought that the statistic that 47% still aren’t utilising social media seemed a bit steep! Until my Dad started up his own small business. Dad is running an ecommerce shop The Dinky Garage via Create as per my recommendation. Using Google anayltics via my recommendation. But he is still reluctant to dabble with social media. Without sounding ageist – I think there is still a generational divide when it comes to social media. But hey by the time my children take over my business – they’ll be even more social media savvy than me!

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