#SageDebateEU should we stay or should we go?

Last week Sage hosted a live debate from The Shard on the EU referendum. Sadly due to childcare issues (the bain of self employed mothers!) I was unable to attend in person. I have waited a while to get something down on virtual paper as it’s such a hot topic but also such a individual one and I didn’t want to write anything non neutral. The idea was to pull small businesses together to discuss whether we should be voting to stay in or to ultimately leave the EU.

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You can watch the video here : www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKo_0MVrWGk

The Question Time-style lunchtime debate was chaired by Sky News’ Ian King and the awesome Emma Jones from Enterprise Nation was on the panel.  A pre-debate poll was taken whereby staying IN the EU was the majority vote. 


These tweets are all key … we (UK small businesses) don’t really understand at this moment what we are voting for and what leaving the EU would really mean for UK small businesses.  For example did you know that 2 million people work in the UK from the EU and in reverse 2 million UK people work in the EU? We easily lay blame on workers from the EU stopping Brits getting jobs but I think realistically this just isn’t true.

Humm this is a sobering thought!! Thanks for that Anna!


This is another reason why we are all feeling a bit confused, you can easily be swayed to vote one way by a charismatic politician and unfortunately this time round that just won’t cut it! 

After an hour the audience had the chance to re-vote, the end of debate poll still had staying IN the EU coming out top, but I think it’s vital to mention that 24% were still undecided. The EU referendum takes place on the 23rd June 2016 ensure you use this time to clarify what leaving the EU would actually mean to your business, be equipped with all the facts, don’t let other voters make this massive decision for you. Keep up to date on the debate by following the hashtag #SageDebateEU on Twitter and if you have any queries don’t hesitate to tweet them!

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