6 Ways To Save Money On Your Heating When You Work From Home

Working from home in the winter is great! You don’t have to leave the house when it’s miserable and grey. You don’t have to get wet unnecessarily, although it literally only rains in the UK during the school run hours.  BUT you also end up wearing fifty billion layers to keep warm.  I used to be someone who had the heating on all the time until I realised as an adult I now have to pay for it! I’m forever shutting doors, closing curtains, snuggling under blankets wearing bed socks.

6 Ways To Save Money On Your Heating When You Work From Home

As the children get older, we seem to spend more and more money on gas and electricity.  We recently changed suppliers in the hope of reducing our bills. I think I spend 50% of my time running around, shutting doors, unplugging devices and turning lights off! Any little thing we can do to reduce our bills and heating waste.

6 Ways To Save Money On Your Heating When You Work From Home: 

  1. Close Doors:  We waste a great deal of heat by, leaving doors open (can you hear me children!) and through drafts in our windows.  Consider shutting all your doors, windows and drawing the curtains. Invest in draft excluders and tape to put around windows.
  2. Lower the temperature: Even reducing the thermostat temperature by 1°C could save you £40 a year and I bet you wouldn’t even notice.
  3. Bolier health: How efficient is your boiler? Boiler Installation Leeds suggests servicing your boiler yearly to ensure you are getting the optimum operation. Getting your boiler fixed in an emergency can be expensive, by having regular services you eliminate any issues before they get to crisis point. You might even consider getting a completely new boiler if so look for ones that are more energy-efficient to save you money in the long run.
  4. Radiators: Add radiator reflectors to stop heat from escaping out of the walls. Ensure nothing is in front of the radiator which might stop circulation, ie. sofas, cabinets, beds etc. Also, make sure you bleed them regularly over time, air can build up in radiators, which makes them work less effectively. To compensate, people usually turn up their thermostats to get to the desired temperature. But by regularly removing the air from your radiators, you could save yourself a healthy chunk of your bills.
  5. Add a Water Softener: If you live in a hard water area, the minerals (calcium and magnesium) that cause limescale in the water will build up in your heating system. This will reduce the flow of water and the efficiency of your boiler. A water softener will prevent limescale build-up in your system, whilst also keeping pipes clear to maintain performance and help prolong the boilers lifecycle.
  6. Think before you switch: It can be easy to just turn on the heating but before you do have a scout around. Are any windows or doors open? Can you add any extra layers – jumpers, dressing gowns, gloves or bed socks? Maybe a blanket or hot water bottle to raise your temperature a bit. Get up and move, when you sit still for ages you feel colder than if you move about and warm up your muscles.

I have this awesome infographic from Woolfoot with 10 suggestions some extra ones to mine looking at how to save money on your heating bill this winter. In what ways do you have to cut back on your heating bills during the winter, especially when working from home?

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