Facebook – Business or Pleasure

Facebook has been a godsend to me and my business without it I am under no delusions of where I would be now without it. It’s useful for reaching new customers, letting people know what Charlie Moo’s has been doing, award nominations, new products, press information etc … FanPages are brilliant easy to use a great way to communicate with the masses – I’m really lucky on my Fan Page for Charlie Moo’s and this site too people are happy to interact with me.   And best of all …. IT’S FREE!!! However it doesn’t come without its uncertainties. In a business; especially something like this site and Networking Mummies where we are reliant on networking and word of mouth. Of course people I meet will inevitably want to ‘be my friend’.   I do use my profile as my life … full of information and pictures of my children, family, friends from years ago. I have done this consciously so I am aware that I must ‘mind my language’ , to put privacy settings on photos and remove anything unsavoury from my youthful days (I was a holiday rep with Daddy Moo for 6 months so please forgive me for this!)

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