What The Heck Are Self Employed Team Building Socials?

Tomahawk Team Building social Dorset Hill Jewellery

Upcoming Business Networking Dorset Self-employed Team Building Socials

Wool Wire Art – Sunny Bunny Crafts

Date: Monday 1st July 10am -12pm
Venue: The Hut – 20 Leedam Road BH10 6HP
BOOK HERE £17.50 per person limited spaces

Biscuit Decorating – Biscuits By Sarah B

Date: Friday 20th September 10am -12pm
Venue: The Cookie Shack, 15 Droxford Road, Bournemouth, BH6 5PL
BOOK HERE £11 per person (Early Bird Special – Limited Spaces)


Date: Tuesday 22nd October, 10am -11am My BIRTHDAY!
Venue: Butchers Coppice Activity Centre, Holloway Avenue, Bournemouth, BH11 9JW
BOOK HERE £8 per person.

Netwalking, Business Networking Dorset 

More business networking in Dorset comes in the form of Netwalking! The health benefits of walking are well documented and so are the benefits of networking. So why not come and join me to combine them both? #WellnessWalk #Netwalking

We will meet at Potterne Park, Verwood BH21 6RS by the skate park and walk to Moors Valley and back (via the coffee hut!). There is no charge, and car parking at Potterne is free. Children and dogs are welcome.
Please do shout if you are coming so we can wait but I will aim to leave 10am.

     Wednesday 10th July, Wednesday 14th August (Summer Special bring your children), Wednesday 11th September, Wednesday 9th October, Wednesday 6th November, Wednesday 11th December (Secret Santa bring a wrapped gift value £5)

The History of Self-employed Team Building Socials

Business networking doesn’t have to be boring and if you live in Dorset, I’ve got you covered. Regular followers will know that I began on a whim, but hey that’s how all the best ideas start, Self-Employed Team Building Socials (I could do with a better name) in 2018. It started with an off the cuff comment about archery which turned into an archery session followed by a developing schedule of dates. Networking is all about building your support network/tribe/community whatever term you want to use.  Those in your first generation of contacts are usually the people who help you grow, develop and become your friends, they aren’t usually your ideal customers.  Having already built a strong networking community around me it’s not surprising the socials worked so well. The socials are not only a chance to get out in the fresh air, exercise and do something different but providing craft-based sessions enabled some key members to show off their skills and talents and for others to relax and get lost in creativity.

“The thing about Joanne’s Business Networking and Team Building events in Dorset are they’re different to the standard business networking events currently available.  You get to learn a new skill and have fun, this puts you at immediate ease and is a great formula when bringing together a mix of small business owners from different genres ….. you all end up laughing, learning and loving it!” Katie, Teach Wessex 

7 Ways To Successful Business Networking

The first thing you have to get into your mind straight away is that the key to networking lies in developing relationships. I have seen so many people attend events and try to sell aggressively to other attendees or concentrate so hard on thrusting their business cards into as many hands as they possibly can, paying little or no attention to the people around them. There is nothing worse than turning up to an event and having someone talk at you about their business for the umpteenth time because they didn’t take the chance to chat properly with you and haven’t even realised you have met them before.

Here are some of my basic business networking tips;

  1. Make Yourself Approachable: Be confident & chatty and smile! Smiling shows confidence and opens the way for communication as it makes those people around you feel comfortable to engage.
  2. Keep Eye Contact: Respond to people so they know you are engaged and interested.
  3. Listen More Than You Talk: Actively listening is a skill and key tool when it comes to networking.
  4. Ask Open Ended Questions: This stops the person you are talking with just replying yes or no and can help encourage the conversation to flow and ultimately get to know each other better.
  5. Don’t Hard Sell: Unless the group has a 5 minute pitch/introduction session leave the sales patter at home.
  6. Don’t Be A Stranger:  Take time after events to reconnect with people on Social Media, follow their Facebook page, seek them out on LinkedIn arrange to meet up at more events or even just for a coffee. Business networking is about developing relationships which happens long after my events.
  7. Enjoy Yourself!: You may think that happiness and success go hand-in-hand because success = happiness, but it’s not true.  Have you noticed when you spend time with someone who makes you feel happy, positive and enthused, you want to repeat that transaction again and again? Why is that? Because the positive feelings you generate by being friendly to one person extend beyond the actual interaction. And what is more fun than throwing some axes around with your friends?

Previous Business Networking Dorset Self-employed Team Building Socials 

Thank you to everyone who has supported my Small Business Networking Dorset based events since 2018.

Archery, Rifle Shooting, Fencing, Abseiling, Tomahawk Throwing,
Notebook Decorating & Christmas Wreath Making & Bath Bomb Making with Made by Me Craft Parties, Trampolining, Beaded Bracelet Making with Delicious Jewellery, Mighty Claws Adventure Golf,
Calligraphy, Clay Workshop with Creative Clay For All, Vision Board Workshop,
Powerfan, Colouring In with Sarah Lovell Art,
Gnome Making Workshop with Jo’s Healing Cabin,
Beeswax Wrap Making & Indian Block Printing with Sunny Bunny Crafts,
Kazie’s Encaustic Art, Biscuit Decorating with Biscuits By Sarah B,
Upcycled Bracelet Making Workshop with Dorset Hill Jewellery

Networking A Successful Small Business, The Book

To learn more about Netwalking and its health benefits see pages 51-53 and Self-employed Team Building Socials see pages 64-67 of my book “Networking A Successful Small Business“.

Networking A Successful Small Business Banner

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