How To Prepare For A Beauty Therapy Clinic Visit

Guys! If you didn’t already know I’m getting married next year! We are planning to go away on honeymoon straight after which has got me thinking about hair removal. Laser hair removal is getting more and more popular and mainstream.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?:

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light (laser) to remove unwanted hair.  The procedure is a long-lasting form of hair removal whilst the majority of the hair is removed some may grow back, but it’s a more permanent solution than say shaving or waxing.

How To Prepare For A Beauty Therapy Clinic Visit:

How To Prepare For A Beauty Therapy Clinic Visit

Stay Away From The Sun:

If you are planning to visit the Therapie Clinic to get your laser hair removal procedure, then you need to stay away from the sun at least two weeks before the treatment. This includes saying goodbye to your tanning programmes and ditching your sunbeds habit. Reduced exposure to the sun helps to keep your skin good and healthy for the laser process. While preparing for your visit, you should also increase your use of sunscreen as this helps to protect your skin from sunburns and preserve it for laser treatment.

Take A Good Bath:

Having a cleansing bath before the laser treatment is ideal. This will help you moisturise and prepare the skin by removing dead skin cells.  Pay extra attention to the area where you want the laser treatment to be done. You should deep clean that area, bear in mind to stay away from perfumed lotions and creams before your treatment.

Prepare The Area:

Once you’ve booked your appointment with the laser hair removal specialist, you should consider preparing the area for better results. You can prepare the laser hair removal area by bathing thoroughly and protecting it from moist oils and creams. It is a good idea to trim and shave the area for all tiny hairs on the surface, however, stay from waxing procedures and products as this will affect your results.

Follow Instructions:

Beforehand the therapy clinic will have provided you with some instructions to follow before your treatment. It is a good idea to follow these instructions; otherwise, the treatment will be more intensive, and you might have to return for multiple sittings, which can also affect the results. Laser hair removal procedures tend to produce some kind of pain, so if you cannot resist even a low level of pain, it is better to get some pain relieving medicine. On your first visit, you will usually be provided with some oral medications to make the process even smoother, make sure that you follow them correctly, and consult the doctor once the appointment approaches. The best way to prepare for your laser treatment is by understanding the procedure entirely and identifying your boundaries.

These pointers will help you prepare for a better visit to the clinic. Have you had any laser hair removal treatment? Would you recommend it to a bride to be? I’d love to read your comments and suggestions.

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