5 Reasons You Need To Use A Link In Bio Tool

Social media is an amazing tool for driving traffic to your website and blog but gah, how annoying is it that you can only add one link to your bio?  But gone are the days of having to constantly update your bio with your newest blog post link or debating whether to use your newsletter sign up or affiliate links or latest product/service by using link in bio tools you can fully optimise that one social media link. Using a link in bio platform such as Direct.me, an online platform that helps influencers and businesses promote their online activity by creating an interactive digital business card to maximise interaction with followers, you can tailor your content and marketing.

5 Reasons You Need To Use A Link In Bio Tool:

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  1. You Sell Products Or Services: Traditionally you would need to constantly update and change your link in your bio in order to direct followers to the correct pages of your shop/website/blog/current marketing campaign, using a link in bio tool you can add multiple links to multiple pages. These links can be tracked enabling you to measure clicks, drive traffic to your site and increase sales.
  2. Get Followers To The Right Page Quickly And Track Campaigns: There’s nothing worse for a follower/customer than not being able to get to the content they need. If the link provided doesn’t take them directly to the product/service/blog post you will 100% lose them as nobody wants to “look” for anything. You should only have 3 clicks from the product to check out so make it as easy as possible.  Using a free platform like Direct.me means you have full access to real-time stats, showing how many people have visited your profile and where they have clicked as well as location, sources and devices which in turn helps you to optimise your profile even more.
  3. Create A Call To Action Button: A call to action is a prompt on a website that directs the follower to take action, it could be to sign up for a newsletter, free course or follow on a social media platform. You don’t always want people to click off to your website without capturing their marketing information so try to add some kind of call to action.
  4. Streamline Your Branding: You can make your profiles look and feel like all your other branding, using the same colour themes and images.  Being fully customisable you are in charge of the look and feel of your page.
  5. Earn Money: Most link in bio tools enable you to direct followers to certain products, add affiliate links or micropayment sites such as Buy Me A Coffee. Direct.me allows you to use a PayPal.me link to encourage followers to support your website/blog.

Using link in bio tools is really helpful for improving your marketing strategy. They are also super easy to set up and use and once you have added the link in bio tool link to all your social media platforms you only have one site to edit, which in turn saves you time, resources and money.  Do you use a link in bio tool?  I’d love to hear what features you use and what works best for your brand.

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