3 Reasons Your Office Should Invest in Stackable Chairs.

Offices, whether they are in your home or somewhere you rent to accommodate your staff, feature a lot on this blog purely because it’s where the magic happens.  All of a businesses ideas, development and ultimately the action happen in these offices meaning they need to be a great working environment.  We recently looked at the office trends for 2016 and we’ve looked at ways in which to reduce stress but have you considered furniture?

Furniture is a big investment for any small business therefore we need to get it right. Many service based businesses will look at maximising their income by adding workshop and training features which won’t happen on a day to day basis, meaning they need something both space saving, comfortable and good looking. For me stackable chairs are a perfect solution for extra seating (business meetings/workshops etc) they are cost effective, and most importantly stylish.

stacking chairs

3 reasons your office should invest in stackable chairs. 

  1. Space saving : When the meeting or conference is over you can stack them away neatly whereby they take up vertical space and not vital floor space.  Stacked chairs are also more aesthetically pleasing and reduce any health and safety issues.
  2. Design : Stacking chairs not only look stylish and comfortable but are also designed in order to allow continuous moving, shifting and stacking.  They are lightweight and come with appropriate trolleys to move them to and from your storage area.
  3. Cost-effective : Stacking chairs unlike other office chairs are much simpler to make and need non of the added ergonomic features that everyday office chairs need. A small business is not likely to buy one chair either as they are a bulk buy purchase discount and batch prices are available.

Stacking chairs offer a great solution to your seating needs. Maybe someone should tell this man in Amsterdam!

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