How Much Does A Staffing Agency Nurse Earn?

There are many times when hospitals are overwhelmed with patients and understaffed, especially in the days of COVID-19.  In order to cope with demand, a staffing agency can provide a hospital with temporary, qualified nurses.

How Much Does A Staffing Agency Nurse Earn?

After establishing a relationship with the staffing agency, a hospital can send over a job proposal in real-time and expect potential candidates to be presented to them within hours, depending on the urgency of their needs.    

These hiring organizations will receive contracted positions from the establishment, and they will fulfill these positions with experienced healthcare workers.  Because of the high demand for nurses (and the potential for a stream of unexpected patients at any given time), staffing agencies will always make sure to have a relevant amount of potential employees ready and waiting for work.

The contract itself will include a predetermined pay rate for the nurse, of which the K-12 staffing agencies will receive a payment in addition.

These positions are typically temporary, with an option to change to full-time held at the behest of the organization that has hired that staffing agency.  This is a great opportunity for a nurse, as they can register with multiple staffing agencies in their area, and see what sort of openings may arise.

Let’s take a look at the pay for a staffing agency nurse.


  • Licensed Practical/Registered Nurses – Florida – $22-$32 per hour – FULL TIME
  • RN and LPN Staffing Agency Nurse – Ohio – $28-$40 per hour – TEMPORARY
  • Travel RN Labor and Delivery – Oregon – $120-$125 per hour – FULL TIME
  • RN – New Jersey – from $39 per hour – PART TIME

This seems to be a great, high-paying opportunity for any nurse that is looking to stay employed.  You can rest assured that the staffing agencies will provide all of the necessary details about the potential position you are interested in.

They will make sure you are qualified, and that both parties are happy before anyone agrees to begin work.  The contract will lay out the exact details of the position, so there are no surprises.  And the opportunity to get your foot in the door with a healthcare organization that may be otherwise hard to penetrate on a direct, full-time basis is a major plus of the staffing agency.

Here is a link to a web page that takes a look at how overworked and understaffed our nation’s hospitals are.

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