That’s my business … no it’s my business.

As my baby Olive grows at well super slow Olive pace! (8 months and just swapping into 3-6months!) I’ve been selling products we no longer need – baby bouncer, 0-3 bits, maternity clothing etc … you get my drift.  Anyway I’ve discovered a great new way to ‘clear the clutter and make some cash‘ … Facebook selling groups or ‘Facebay’.  My local area has 3 you list your items with pictures in an album with price and then people comment and a few hours or days later they arrive with money and take away your unwanted items!  No ebay or paypal fees and you don’t leave your house! AWESOME.

Anyway I was mooching along a group the other day when I noticed this image …..
Straight away I thought ( it sometimes takes me a while to cotton on) She uses the same shed background as Kenzo Crafts – on closer inspection it seemed a bit too .. similar!  I cut the link and posted it to Kenzo creator Nicole who immediately piped up it WAS her image!

The situation was sorted very quickly the admin on the site removed the 5 yes 5 images this business was using.  But for Nicole it was a hugely upsetting experience.

It would seem to me like complete common sense .. OK so this lady was using Nicole’s images to drum up pre-orders on her own makes.  But .. her makes would never look like the image she was displaying they were handmade by another person.  It’s rude and fraudulent.  It makes me cross and uncomfortable that people behave in this manner.

For Nicole she has learn’t a lessons, ensuring her images are watermarked or have her business name on them.  These images had obviously been downloaded from her Fanpage.

Remember to protect your business and your reputation.


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