Hindsight …

Hindsight is a wonderful thing this knack we have after an event in our lives of saying .. ‘I wish I had said this’ .. I wish I had done that‘ …. and then pondering how different our lives could be!

So if you could pop inside my magic time machine what advice would you give yourself on DAY ONE of your business???

Here are a few from my fanpage –

  • Lara Williams Don’t waste money on advertising, get networking and build relationships 🙂 Obviously given my affiliation with Networking Mummies I totally agree with this but also don’t under estimate the power of online networking and social media.  Building credible relationships with people who will recommend you is a better use of time vs money.  You can throw money at advertising but on most occasions the brief encounter made online is going to be the money shot.
  • Karen Wood (Strider Bike UKNetwork and build relationships. Also don’t be so cautious that you waste time with something inevitably needs doing.
  • Asha Verhoeven (Coco Rose) Have a Vision, Go for it and Don’t underevaluate or undersell yourself – So many of us and that includes myself are guilty of undervaluing our services and business and end up working all hours for little or no cash reward. 
  • Kirsty Dee Bowerbank-Steel (Work it baby)  Take care of yourself through the process and don’t worry about the competition, let them steal your ideas and don’t waste your time worrying. Oh and don’t try to grow to fast 🙂
  • Maggie Ayre Find yourself a niche. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. – I love this too many times you see a business which offers everything. Don’t be afraid to have a USP and stand out from the crowd those of you that do will reap the rewards as you will be seen as an expert/the leading authority in your genre and not an odd job man!  
  • Elaine Lambe (www.littlesheep-learning.co.uk) Write a plan 🙂 We are all guilty of not doing this or regularily updating one!
  • Cheryl Dennett (Christchurch Eye) It’s the minor details that can make a big difference. 

    So if you could take a trip in my time machine what would you say …..

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