Setting Up the Perfect Study Space for Your Child

The right study space makes for a happier and more focused child. And when the exam season dawns upon your child they will need adequate spaces for them to revise and take in knowledge with minimal distractions. If you’re able to provide a nice study space for your child, here are some top tips from this prep school in Surrey to help you get set up.

Setting Up the Perfect Study Space for Your Child

Remove Distractions:

From having TV nearby, any other noises in the area and other things in the room, you’d be very surprised to see what can be a distraction to your child in comparison to other things. Procrastination is very tempting when the environment isn’t completely ideal. This means your child’s study space needs to have all of these things removed and away from reach. The study space will need to be quiet and away from other people as best as possible.

Allow Your Child To Have Things That They Know Help Them:

Some children like to listen to music as they work, a great way of blocking out all of the minor distractions around them. Get them a nice set of headphones to combat this change. 

As well as this, your child should be feeling comfortable in their revision space. Consider getting a chair that offers ample support for a child’s back and wrists. If there are particular pens and books they prefer to use then buy them for them if it means they get to feel more comfortable.

Get Them The Revision Supplies They Need:

If they have everything they need in the room already then it takes a lot less effort to get your child motivated. Your child should feel that they have all that they need, so long as they let you know first. Work with them to make a list of priority things a child needs in their study space, as well as any extras to give them a head start. 

Consider Ergonomic Equipment:

From proper office chairs to wrist supports, pens that help support writing without strain, and keyboards (if your child needs access to the internet) – your child will greatly benefit from these tools. It means your child has the means to focus properly without causing too much discomfort when sitting at the desk for an extended period of time. It also protects your child’s joints for when they’re older by offering the right support to keep your child happy while they study.

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