10 Tips For First Time Managers

For many people, the elation of their first promotion to manager is replaced very quickly with a feeling of mild panic. Suddenly they are in a world of competing, and often contradictory, demands on their time and energy, and where suddenly their success is no longer in their own control.

Welcome to the toughest career transition of all. Having been an accomplished technician working on a relatively small area of the business, you are now a manager with much broader responsibilities.

As the saying goes, ”What go you’re here, won’t get you there“.

Fear not however. Management is a learned skill not an inate ability. With some time and application, and hopefully some experienced mentors, you’ll get there.

As ever start with the basics and work from there. The 80/20 analysis of first time management shows that there are really two key areas to master.

1. Communication :

You can’t lead if you can’t communicate. You can’t build rapport if you can’t communicate. You can’t get or give feedback if you can’t communicate. You need to learn to communicate clearly and confidently.

Your success now depends on your team so you absolutely have to be able to communicate with them.

If this isn’t a strong point of yours you need to make this an absolute priority as it is the foundation of management.

2. Goal Setting :

You are now responsible for your team’s output. That means that you need to be very clear with them on what you would like to be done, how you would like it done and by when.

If they don’t produce the work that you are looking for or get their priorities wrong that is not their fault. It is down to you not making this clear for them.

There is obviously far more to management than goal setting and communication as the infographic from Acuity Training below makes clear, however if you can master those you will be well on your way to success.

Courtesy of: Acuity Training

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