5 Advantages of Using Machine Vision In Your Business

What is Machine Vision Technology?

Machine vision technology is used during the manufacturing process to make it more efficient, increase productivity, reduce waste, as well as aid the recycling processes. Wow, now that sounds complicated! So what in reality does it mean?  In basic terms, machine vision is when a machine mimics a person’s role in inspecting, implementing and quality control by using technology that far surpasses our/their sensory capabilities. From quality control on factory floor manufacturing to VR refereeing decisions in competitive sports games, machine vision technology is pretty much everywhere!

5 Advantages of Using Machine Vision In Your Business

5 Advantages of Using Machine Vision In Your Business:

Whilst it might sound complicated machine vision is used across a multitude of industries/small business genres on a daily basis and you probably don’t even realise it.

  1. Correcting Production Line Defects: Machine Vision is way more effective and efficient than having people check production lines. Also as well as being able to identify defects within the production line, machine vision can actually help determine where the defects and/or problems are occurring and how/where to put corrective action in place. Amazing!
  2. The Farming Industry: Machine Vision Technology is a key component in making farming more efficient and increasing productivity. It might surprise you as we probably still consider farming very much a people generated industry but harvesting machines, for example, can detect the location of produce on the vine or tree, enabling robotic harvesting machines to pick produce with minimal damage. Using machine vision, farmers are able to monitor their crops and detect disease, far better than using people alone, which in turn increases yield, year upon year. Farmers are even using machine vision technology to boost the wellbeing in pigs, I kid you not!
  3. Inventory Control and Management: Easy tech quality control, using machine vision reduces the risk of human error and is far more effective and efficient. For example, supermarkets use machine vision to read and understand barcodes and labels on components and products this technology works together with computer systems to control inventory.  In large pick and pack warehouses, machine vision is also used to determine when and where the correct components get added to products as they move down assembly lines. It’s pretty incredible really.
  4. Product Tracking and Traceability: Traditionally, tracing a product through a complicated supply chain would have been time-consuming and for those involved a long and painful process. However, using machine vision enables industries to track ingredients, product serial numbers and monitor expiration dates in a simple yet highly efficient manner. When an rdma camera is used, for example, serial numbers can be scanned and processed at a much faster rate than if a human or standard camera were to perform the same job.
  5. Safety: Machine vision improve safety with great efficiency, no matter the context used.  Reducing harm to employees, time off and repetitive strain injuries.

Whilst I normally get a little worried about being overrun by robots and I do sometimes worry about the implications upon the need for people in this process anymore, you have to admit that machine vision technology is pretty incredible. Its ability to be used across multiple industries, sectors in various capacities cannot be underestimated, machine vision is a key development in business growth, upscaling and efficiency.

Do you use machine vision technology within your business? I would love to hear all about it so leave me a comment below.

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