10 Commandments of FACEBOOK

#joannedewberry facebookWe never buy newspapers in our house. We do watch the news everyday.  But I hate trawling through the paper to find what I’m interested in reading, so we just don’t bother.  Anyway I’m sat round the Grandparents, Moo & Megan were catching the end of Free Willy (Moo loves this film!), Daddy Moo was helping Granddad cover the allotment in manure … nice!  (Oh and Grandma was putting the kettle on 😉 ) I took full advantage of a chill out moment picked up The Sun Newspaper and tutted through the first few pages of ‘smut’, he said she said …. argh boring! Until I stumbled upon … a very interesting article about Facebook.  This wasn’t actually about Fanpages, which you know I love to chat about, but about the security aspects of profiles.

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