Video Blogging, Vlogging, Blogging, Videos …. What?

After 31 days of blogging – you’d think I’d like to sit back and relax but as I’m a nutter I saw this challenge – Video Blogging. If you follow my blog you’ll know I have just got into the whole video blogging thing after at least 6 months of procrastination. In January I posted 7 videos, using a variety of formats. I really enjoyed having a go at videoing myself, learning about editing and using Jing to record what I was doing online – so useful for making ‘How To …‘ videos.  So it sounded right up my street.

So far I have posted a few videos onto my You Tube channel and I noticed that my views are a lot lower than last month.  In my first month on You tube I had 711 views!!! Which kinda set the bench mark for the next month! It’s so addictive – I keep checking the views, seeing if anyone has commented or shared my videos!! Ekk time waster!!

I’ve been sat wondering about the challenge and also what are the best ways to promote You Tube, when I saw a tweet containing the words ‘watch me commit blogging suicide‘ was like a car crash you can’t help but look.  So off I popped … it was a video blog from Totally Laura Summers wondering what the benefits to video blogging are.

OK so now your waiting for me to write you a list .. right?
But what are the benefits to video blogging??

It’s a nice exercise?
You learn new skills?
It’s more interesting to your blog readers to have a variety of mediums?
Good for SEO to have your keywords on another site?

Why should we video blog?

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