The truth behind commuting and productivity

It always surprises me how much time people still spend commuting, travelling to work when there are so many ways in which to communicate with people via technology.

This infographic from GoToMeeting UK really hits home how much wasted time there is and a lot of those due to commuting to London and using the tube.

By working from home once a week employees would gain an extra 3 hours per month. If you run your own business just think what you can achieve with an extra 3 hours.  I have mentioned previously I always say I don’t have the time but it’s actually how I utilse the time I have which is the issue. (Check out my 2017 Goals) Spending 11 days a year commuting doesn’t sound like the best use of time to me. What about you?

I appreciate that many businesses require their staff on site, but wouldn’t more flexible working work better for the staff? Maybe introducing flexible time? This way staff have to complete X hours a week at work but the way in which they do is up to them. So instead of being one of the 1.26 million people entering London at peak times, staff could go in later avoiding rush hour.  This would reduce stress and time commuting to work.  33% of flexible workers were more motivated and 36% more productive, surely these are stats small businesses should be looking at?

When the figures rack up to 1.8 million customer hours lost in tube delays from just May to June in 2016 it makes me wonder why more employers aren’t using more online meeting systems. When I visited Sage Ltd In Newcastle in 2015 the CEO Stephen Kelly did a live a chat from his office at the Shard. We were able to ask questions, engage in discussion like a normal face to face meeting.  We really  should be installing a more flexible working environment, we spend the majority of our day at work so surely we need to be enjoying it?

Citrix tube delays - Infographic

*cough* I might *OK I definitely am* be writing this in my Pj’s whilst the children have a rare quite moment doing arts and crafts. Working from home during the school holidays multitasking pro.

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