Don’t Make These 4 Mistakes When Building Your Own Site

Are you building your site? Maybe you want to get your start-up off the ground but want to make sure that your site is on point for when your launch day comes around. Either way, if this sounds like you then one thing you need to do is avoid these top mistakes.

Trying to do Too Much:

When the time comes for you to design your site, simplicity is best. If you have an overcrowded site that asks people to do too much, then this can lead to a great deal of confusion. Although there may be a lot of messages for you to deliver, you need to be selective. You need to focus on the actions that matter the most. You also need to consider the buying stage that your customers are at as well. If you can do this, as well as giving some thought to their overall perspective then this will help you quite a lot. By doing this, you can gain some perspective on how to maximize each site page. When each page has a goal or a point to make, you can then hire an SEO agency to target keywords based on that.

Don’t Make these 4 Mistakes when Building your Own Site

Not Considering Your User Journey:

Another major mistake that people make is that they don’t give any thought to their user journey. You need to think about your site in the eyes of your customers. If you don’t then you risk not being able to meet their needs. Studies have shown time and time again that around 88% of customers don’t return to a site if they have had a bad experience. If possible, you need to try and make sure that people are having a good experience when visiting your site. Customer journey mapping is so important as it helps you uncover various points that could lead a user to you, so keep that in mind.

Not Testing:

Testing is a major part of building a site, or blog. It’s so important as it helps you to uncover any potential issues that could deter your users from their experience. A lot of website creators make the mistake of assuming that their site works even though they don’t test it. It’s recommended that you recruit a third-party tester if possible as they can help you to pinpoint any issues. They can also help you to identify problems with your site so you can make the most out of your customer experience.

Not Optimizing:

If possible, you need to optimize for search. SEO is such an important part of building your site and its online content. Poor SEO will impact your performance too. Many components make up SEO, including on-page building and off-page elements. If you want to make the most out of your SEO then you need to make sure that you are using the right keywords, as mentioned above. You also need to utilize meta tags and have short yet clear URLs. Maximizing the speed of your site is also important, so make sure that you keep that in mind.

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