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You might remember my post about vloggers making lots of cash. No well it’s “Wouldn’t you like to be a vlogger?” where I shared a great post from Sarah Mum of 3’s with step by step instructions on how to monetise your YouTube Channel.  Everything was hunky dory and we tried to create videos that resonated with our core audience and maybe make a little passive income. Fast forward a few years and things have changed a little.

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As of January 2018 YouTube has introduced tougher requirements for video content creators who want to make money using its platform.  Videos will no longer have adverts attached unless the content creator meets the following two criteria :

  • At least 1,000 subscribers (so that’s me out with just over 200 if you feel sorry for me my channel is : JoanneDewberry )
  • More than 4,000 hours of their content viewed by others within a 12 month period.

I’ve already lost the monetisation aspect of my channel, some content creators were given 30 days to increase their stats as they were making cash. I’m assuming that once I hit the criteria I’ll be able to access the monetisation again and maybe this time make some money. This also puts a bit of a dampener on #40before40 #26 Have a YouTube Video Go Viral. I mean if it goes viral will I loose out on cash as I’ve not hit either threshold!? Meaning I guess my first priority is to hit 1000, subscribers and 4,000 hours of views.

You need content. Although I’ve had a YouTube channel for years I still only have a handful of videos, which are very eclectic, some small business advice, some of the children (mainly Megan) doing reviews and some Charlie Moo’s products. But 20 videos isn’t enough to keep people coming back. You might have noticed some of your favourite content creators have a specific day of the week when they upload a video meaning as a subscriber you know when this will happen, unlike me who works to an adhoc fashion!

video blogging tipsLook at your channel layout :

  1. Social Media Platforms : Have you linked to Facebook, website, Instagram? There’s a section under the main banner. Although I see lots of content creators adding this information in the description section of their videos too.
  2. Channel Banner and Avatar : Do you have a fitting banner? I’ve used my usual social media ones to keep in with my branding and streamline my platforms.
  3. Introduction Video : I don’t actually have one of these and it’s probably an idea too. It gives the viewer a taste of what your channel will be about and what content you upload.
  4. Are your videos organised into playlists : Are these playlists displayed in the sections under the introduction video in the best way?  Playlists also help to organise videos in to the same categories as a viewer coming to watch toy reviews might not really be interested in travel updates or visa versa.

Top tips from Mummy Bloggers making money from YouTube :-

  1. Don’t use copyrighted music : Especially if you want to make money. Jo Adams
  2. Build up a following : Have your subscriber link on your blog/website/email signature, tweet it, share on Facebook  and most importantly don’t forget to follow others and comment on other peoples videos too. Interaction is always the key to growing your following.
  3. Use ‘Annotations’ on YouTube : Direct your viewers to your main website or to subscribe to your YouTube channel. You can use your YouTube videos to catch their attention then really develop that relationship by having them visit your website after where you can expand on whatever was in the video. Also, have a template ‘footer’ that you put into the information about your video box. For example, I write information about what the video is all about then attach my footer which gives all my social media links. It means that no matter which of your videos the viewer watches, and even if they are not on your channel, they can find your blog, website, twitter profile etc.  Nadine Hill MrsNadineHill I was looking for some music for Megan on the Radio1 YouTube channel when I noticed that most videos uploaded to this channel ask you to subscribe beforehand “so you don’t miss any of the live lounge action” definitely something to include.
  4. Create Content : I know I have already said this BUT it’s kind of key! I rarely create content. I rarely let people know I am there so it goes without saying I make no money from YouTube. Which means I’m going to end this post with Megan reviewing her favourite books as she does enjoy making videos!


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Wouldn’t you like to be a vlogger?

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