Vote me! No vote me!

Sometimes entering online business competitions can be so difficult as you feel like your asking people to continuously vote for you.

Please take a minute to vote of me in the Blogger Choice Awards  Best Business Blogger or Charlie Moo’s in the What’s On Awards for Best Party Supplier or if you have a second or two could you click vote on my request for £300 in the Enterprise Nation #Fund101 …

So without annoying everyone you know and alienating your Facebook & Twitter followers how do you go about actually winning??

After a discussion on Twitter with @KingfisherTQ & @elibeegifts (who both need your votes so click on their names PLEASE!!) about #Fund101.  We agreed that the idea of getting 300 or 500 votes seemed easy but in practice after a few days it was actually more complicated that anticipated. We agreed the sign up might be a bit off putting to people but that it was achievable especially given that I have 670 Facebook followers and 2826 on Twitter – 300 was a snippet!

I have complied a list of suggestions for increasing your #Fund101 votes from what I have observed in the last few days:-

  • Posting on Facebook and link Enterprise Nation fanpage (by liking the page then using @ before you type Enterprise Nation will hyper link the fanpage to your post).
  • Posting on Twitter using hashtag #Fund101 so all the followers of that will see.
  • Newsletters – send a newsletter out to your mailing list
  • Emailing everyone you know even your nan who can just about log on!
  • Take a photo of the dog or cat with a vote for me poster and post it everywhere you can online, I got 50 or so votes by pimping out my dog. Kingfisher Wedding Stationery who’s plea is here –
  • Putting a link on the bottom of your email signature – 300 = £300 please vote for me in #Fund101 
  • Vote for others and then state with your link – “Hi voted for your great idea #Fund101” either on Twitter or Facebook
  • My tip for securing Fund 101 votes would be make up some slips with your business details and link on and give handfuls to your beloved and close family. My husband has found a few voters he works with and my mum has done the same. All votes from people would wouldn’t otherwise see the Facebook and Twitter pleas.  Kingfisher Wedding Stationery who’s plea is here –
  • Check out the Fanpage – Enterprise Nation and reply with your link to those that are asking for voting help. – “voted well done your doing great! Love your idea too here’s mine thanks”
  • I am offering a prize for £50 to spend on my website to everyone who votes as an incentive.All voters will be put into a draw when I reach 300 and a winner will be chosen at random.I thought at the beginning I would need to offer an incentive as otherwise why would they vote for a stranger to get £300 for nothing – who’s plea is here –

If you can think of anymore I’d love to hear from you please do comment below.

PS I can’t be held responsible if these don’t work for you!!! 

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