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When your trying to develop a website and your not a web-designer by trade it can be really difficult.  There are lots of great ‘Do your own sites’ my personal favourite is  Its not only easy to use but the support is fantastic and the team are constantly working on developing features that enhance our sites.  I have both Charlie Moo’s and Networking Mummies with, but its not just enough to build a site.  How do you know if your making progress in the right direction??

I’ve decided to profile a few FREE recourses which can help any budding small business.

Today I’m going to have a quick look at … website grader.  I use this quite a lot. Not so much for my own sites (Charlie Moo’s has a grade of 96) but for other people.  As it clearly states what areas need work and saves me having to trawl through their site information for them.   It’s surprising how many people don’t have meta descriptions or only have a few incoming links.  This all helps to increase your websites SEO and its pretty easy stuff to do! I’m no expert in SEO but even I can manage it!

Website Grader also has a feature which grades your blog and twitter activity, either stand alone or as part of your website grade.

Here are my top tips :-

  • This is just a guideline, don’t be too worried if your first grading is low.
  • Don’t get obsessed by checking your grade  …  don’t check all the time the hard work your putting in might not show for a while.
  • Use it as a framework .. choose one thing to work on and trundle through that.  Then start on the next.
  • Link building can be a slow progress .. think of a variety of ways to do it. i.e. link swaps, guest blogging
  • If your site doesn’t support a Tweet button but you blog regular make sure you tweet it via networked blogs.

If you need any help with understanding your report and what to do next then give me a shout I can give you a list of ‘tips’ which coincide with what Website Grader has suggested for £5.

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