Day in the Life of … Cerendipity (Wedding Planning & Co-ordination)

Way too early for my liking (not really a morning person, you see) my day starts at 6 or 6.30am depending on whether its running day or not! Today was running day. Back in the house by 7.15 to quickly get ready so my day can start. I have three kids but thankfully at this point only one (my six year old) needs the push to get ready for school. It’s always a mad rush to get him up and ready, breakfasted and lunches made and packed yet somehow we always manage to leave on time for the school run.

Back in the office (well, at my desk) by 9am to catch up with my social networking I have now grown attached too: Twitter, Facebook … and emails. Yes. Working from home can get a little lonely (too quiet maybe) and I find it’s a great way to meet new suppliers but it always breaks up the day.

So … today is my day off but the rest of the day is taken up by research, creating templates, and working on ‘the list’ … which usually has more things on it than I can get through in a day! I have to admit that I have not yet managed to walk away from the work and have a ‘me’ day. It will come in time though.

The school run starts again at around 3.15pm. At least it’s only a few minute’s walk down the road and no matter the weather we walk everyday! With little legs that walk slow, I’m usually back home by 4pm but the afternoon is quickly interrupted with homework and dinner-making. The five of us enjoy dinner together at about 5.30 and then hubby takes over with bedtime routines leaving me to finish off another couple of hours of work.

Although it doesn’t always work, the laptop is switched off at 8 for a few hours of relaxing with a movie or a favourite series on telly. I don’t get to bed though before 10.30pm on a good day (today is a good day) to catch-up properly with hubby about each of our days …

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