Useful Business Travel Gadgets

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With advances in technology it’s becoming easier and easier to work away from the office. Whether that be for travel purposes or you just fancy a change of scenery. There are quite a few business travel gadgets on the market and here my 3 favourites, which would suit mummy and travel bloggers or anyone who likes a geeky gadget! The best thing about these are that they are so versatile and not just perfect for travelling on plans and stopping in fancy hotels but also everyday life! As a busy scatterbrain mummy of 3, a cat and a rabbit I’m not always the most organised person and these gadgets could become my saving grace!

Charger for Multiple Devices
Why is it that all your devises run out of battery at the same time! It’s like some kind of curse! This can be a nightmare when travelling or out and about and most facilities only provide 1-2 sockets but with a mulitple device chargerr this is no problem!  Simultaneously charge multiple devises with maximum speed thanks to the special IC technology, meaning one happy blogger or business traveller or in my case unorganised mummy! See example : 


Window Solar Powered Charger
That dreaded moment when you get on the train and there is no battery left on your mobile or tablet and you have to sit staring in to the distance for 2 hours, painfully trying not to make eye contact with ANYONE! Or the children get in the car after a blogger event and instead of sitting and watching a film there’s no battery so they end up fighting the WHOLE way home! It’s the stuff nightmares are made of but fret no more a solar powered charger is what you need! It sticks to any window and converts sunlight into electricity!!  You can even use it on flights! What is there not to love about this gadget?! See example :


Flexible Mini Computer Keyboard
We have quite a few ipads/tablets in our house and I think one of these would come in super handy! We all have those times when writing emails on mobile or tablet takes too long or like me if filled with auto corrects as my fat fingers need to go on a diet or start doing zumba! This mini external keyboard is perfect not only does it easily connect to  your device via Bluetooth but you can roll it up! Roll it up! Making this mini keyboard, super mobile, versatile, space saving AND the best bit is that it is also waterproof!! See example :


In no way was this suppose to be my Christmas wish list but if anyone feels the need to purchase any I wouldn’t be too disheartened!  What business travel gadgets could you not live without? Or have you got an idea that needs inventing? I’m still working on getting my hands on a Tardis!

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