5 top WordPress Plugins for adding custom fonts on your website

I’ve not thought much about fonts really until the last week when the cover designer and the VA formatting my book both keep asking me what fonts I want to use! I’ve discovered I know what I don’t like but finding ones I do is a little bit harder! It got me thinking about this blog too, don’t you wish that sometimes it was super easy to change and edit and customise your fonts within your WordPress blog? Now it is! The Fontsy WordPress Plugin takes out all the hassle of coding making custom fonts ridiculously easy.

Adding custom fonts is a great way to make your blog stand out from other blogs. It is also a useful way to streamline your branding and graphics, by utilising a continuous font within them all.  The easiest way to change your font is via plugin as this takes the hassle out of coding and css edits.

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5 top WordPress Plugins for adding custom fonts on your WordPress Site :

Whilst Fontsy isn’t the only plugin on the market for me it makes a great alternative to Google Fonts Typography WordPress Plugin, let’s take a look at 5 top WordPress Plugins for adding custom fonts on your website.

  1. Google Fonts Typography WordPress Plugin : The Google Fonts library currently contains 877 unique fonts. It’s great as it means you are not stuck with one font for your entire website, easily being able to choose alternative fonts for heading and content. Google fonts also includes a live preview feature, meaning you can test each font and see how it will look within your content instantly.
  2. Cutom Fonts WordPress Plugin : This plugin helps you easily embed custom fonts files (woff2, woff, ttf, svg, eot, otf) easily in your WordPress website, although it is only compatible with certain templates. After you’ve installed the plugin, upload the font files in as many formats as possible for best browser compatibility. You will be able to access the fonts added in the user settings of Astra / Beaver Builder / Elementor, unlike Fontsy where you have a specific “Fontsy” plugin setting.
  3. Fontsy WordPress Plugin : This plugin is totally free to use although there are the options of premium fonts you can purchase, there is absolutely no limit to the number fonts I can use. You can even upload your own fonts through the Fonsty plugin! fontsy custom fonts wordpress
  4. One off Custom Font : Some bloggers choose to upload one custom font which matches and streamlines their branding – usually purchased through Etsy or via graphic designers.
  5. Use Any Fonts : Use Any Font plugin stores all of the information needed on their own server, what does this mean for you? It means resources aren’t loaded from your site, ensuring it is lightweight, site speed is really important especially for bloggers if the load time is too slow people will switch off. Use Any Font provides the facility to enable you to convert fonts into a web-friendly format if this font isn’t already available, really handy for artists and typography designers.

Do you have or use custom fonts plugins on your WordPress website?

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