Property tips: how to find your ideal workplace

Every small business needs a place to work and, despite the internet’s ability to let us work ad-hoc, staff still value the ability to operate from nine-to-five in the same office. We love it so much that some companies fall into bankruptcy trying to maintain a decent commercial property, like a captain going down with their ship.


A workplace is the face of your company, reeling in customers and ensuring that staff complete their workload. In some cases, usually smaller businesses, a commercial property even conveys the personality of the company.

Ambience is everything, from location to interior design to floor space. But you’ll have to balance luxury with cost, ensuring that your finances never hit breaking point.

It sounds like a balancing act that would leave a trapeze artist scratching their head, but you don’t have to traverse the perils and pitfalls of the property market on your own. Take a look at our bite-sized guide and enjoy a commercial property that won’t put you out of pocket.

The right agents

Estate agents are, by almost all accounts, about as easy to trust as a snake that’s cheating on its wife. Where everyone else sees a tiny flat with mouldy walls and a ceiling set to cave in, an estate agent sees a “Snug one-bedroom apartment with a rustic design and an art nouveau ceiling.”

A discussion with an estate agent is likely to go a little like this:

Earnest Customer: Does the shop have double glazing?

Dodgy Estate Agent: As you can see, the south-facing windows are rife with sunlight, creating a warm air that’s guaranteed to keep your shop cosy, even during those long winter months.

Earnest Customer: So it doesn’t have double glazing, then?

Dodgy Estate Agent: Well, um, no…

But they’re not all shysters and fibbers. One of our favourite agencies is CoStar, the website of which contains a comprehensive commercial property database and a helpful team of professionals who can give you all the advice you need. We’d thoroughly recommend them.

The right location

Looking at property locations can feel like a deflating affair. The workplaces in your ideal location are extortionate, and the majority in your price range look about as desirable as Donald Trump riding a Bucking Bronco.

You need a happy medium, a place that’s both affordable and accessible for your customers. Look for long enough and you’ll undoubtedly happen upon a property that’s on the outskirts of your ideal location but still affordable.

It’s a waiting game, but it’s also a great way to save cash. So hold on and the right property may turn up on 


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