Who do you think you are? Social networking and your reputation.

It is amazing now how easy it is to connect with a vast array of people using social media. From twitter to facebook, Myspace and even YouTube (other social media sites are available :) )

I use both twitter and facebook regularly and have both a personal page and a business page. My personal page reflects stuff that is happening in my life at any given time. From walking the dog to taking the kids to a theme park. I also use it to ask for help. An example being if anyone can recommend a good plumber, garage or restaurant.

My business page is used to showcase the work I do, the value I add to my clients (and non clients alike) whilst also using it as marketing tool.

What I have noticed over the last year is how my judgements about people I interact with are impacted by their status updates. There are many people who use social media to have a good old moan about anything that is happening in their life. The challenge I have is how it influences my thoughts about these people.

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