A day in the life….. Maggie Ayre Personal Trainer and Nutrition Adviser for Teenage Girls

Every day is different but they are certainly all full!

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays start at 5.55am. Well, that’s when the alarm clock goes off. Often my daughter Cerys, who is 4, has appeared a couple of minutes earlier and together with her cuddly panda she’s keeping the middle of the bed warm. I leave her in bed with my husband and go to get dressed. I run an early morning fitness class in a park in Ashley Cross, Parkstone (www.sbfexerciseclasses.co.uk) so this time of year I’m pulling on my workout gear, hat and gloves and heading out into the dark. I love these sessions. I have a small group of dedicated women who join me from 6.30-7.15 for their early morning workout, every session is different and every session is great fun.

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