Be the hostess with the mostest!!!

When booking a party, I quickly talk the hostess through the process. I don’t give them a printed list of dos and don’ts as I feel this can be rather formal and I like to keep our parties as relaxed as possible.

The key to maximising the freebie potential at a card party is to encourage non-attendees to place an order in advance. This really racks up the commission. I always give the hostess about 15 catalogues and order forms two weeks before the party as well as invitations for the hostess to hand out. The invitations have space on the pack for the attendees to note down any birthdays or special occasions that they have coming up that they will need cards for. I clip a small note on the bag stating the hostess’ name and address, the date of the party, the starting time and the time that I will arrive to set up.

I offer a standard 10% commission in free product or 15% if I get another party booking. If it is a charity fundraising party, I will give the commission as a cash donation. I will also organise a couple of games such as a treasure hunt from which I give all of the proceeds to the charity. The commission in free product is particularly popular Sept-Nov when hostesses can use it to help fund their Christmas card bill.

It is important to call the hostess the day before the party just to check that everything is still fine for the following day and to get an idea of how many people she is expecting.

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