A Day in the Life of – Tempest Ahoy

Most days, I find myself desperately trying to cram in some sewing around our busy family life…but I mostly end up at the whim of my children and being regulated to computer based business tasks most of the time. 2 days a week, my children go to day care and those are my work days. The first of these days is when my business partner and myself get together for the whole day, which we dedicate entirely to our business. View Post

Be the hostess with the mostest!!!

When booking a party, I quickly talk the hostess through the process. I don’t give them a printed list of dos and don’ts as I feel this can be rather formal and I like to keep our parties as relaxed as possible. The key to maximising the freebie potential at a card party is to encourage non-attendees to place an order in advance. This really racks up the commission. I always give the hostess about 15 catalogues and order forms two weeks before the party as well as invitations for the hostess to hand out. The invitations have space on… View Post

Legal requirements for your web site

For all UK based businesses that have a web site selling or promoting products and services, UK laws apply. Web sites hosted in another country are still covered by UK law if the business is physically inside the UK. Some laws apply to all sites and some are only relevant in some cases, for example if you have a shopping cart on your site. All sites however should be designed with the Web Accessibility and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 in mind, to ensure that people with disabilities can use and operate web sites. All businesses are expected to make… View Post