5 Freelancer Non-negotiables Which Keep Me Productive And Happy

Working from home has not only grown in popularity but it’s also become a bit of a necessity.  The driving force behind working from home are freelancers. What is a freelancer? Freelancers are self-employed individuals working independently not employed by someone else, instead, they are contracted to do a specific job or task.  I love freelancing because I get to utilise my different skills, the variety in not only what work I do but on a daily basis keeps me productive and happy. One day I could be writing the next I’m strolling through the New Forest with my small… View Post

How to Create Content that Converts

Outstanding content that’s helpful, inspiring, insightful, or entertaining is great, but it’s only worth so much to a brand if it’s not converting. While good content usually leads to increased website traffic and more social media engagement, what helps a business meet marketing goals are getting new clients and improving retention, not Facebook likes.  While taking advantage of content marketing services will ensure that you’re getting trained experts who know how to create content that converts can be a great idea, if you want to create your own, this is what you need to do. Create Titles That Captivate If… View Post