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There are so many occasions in the year where someone is making a quick quid, and if you play your cards right, this could be you. There are so many online stores like Hallmark offering personalised cards where you can digitally change the wording to get a unique message. But, what about if they were all genuinely personalised?

Are you a mother who is a dab hand in the creative department? If so, then you could generate additional income through the sale of homemade cards. Being a mother yourself means that you know what makes birthdays and other events special, and this means that you can help others to enjoy this day to the maximum. It doesn’t take much capital to enter into a startup, and many people make good money from this.

How it starts
You may read stories about accidental entrepreneurs, where they sort of fall into money simply by being in the right place at the right time – and this can be you. All it takes is a trip to the craft shop, a few bits and bobs and creativity. From here you need people to buy them, but if you pass them on for a couple of pounds to friends and family, the profits will soon pour in.

Selling the personalised cards
When it comes to starting a business, this is without a doubt the most concerning part. How you are going to sell products or services is something that even the most experienced businesswoman worries about. But, to begin with, it’s all about using word of mouth so invite people to come and see your work. All it takes is one beautiful card at a party and there will be a flood of requests.
The key to success in this day and age is flexibility and variety, and this is what personalised cards are all about. On occasions like Mother’s Day you know yourself that mums want a unique show of affection from sons and/or daughters, and the best way for this to happen is through offering cards that are personalised for one person.

Special offers
Get people interested in your product by creating competitive prices with an edge by having special offers aimed at both getting customers and keeping them. There will always be a standard charge for cards, a little extra for personalised ones and then perhaps monthly special offers to entice people into using you for their special occasions.

Remember the days
Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day there will be need for cards. If you pencil these into your diary, you will be able to start creating these around two months ahead so that people have the chance to purchase directly from you. Be sure that you know your limits for sales, but always be there to give an option to whoever you know.

Be confident
The final thing to remember is have confidence in your product. You know what you sell, and you know why it is good so let people know that. Show off what you can, create various cards for different occasions and see where it takes you – what’s the worst that can happen?

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