Budget Friendly Activities Your Children Can Do This Easter

With Easter almost here, parents around the country will be looking for ways to keep the kids entertained over the school break. Whether it’s activities to keep their minds active while they’re off from school, outdoor pursuits to ensure they’re getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine, or crafty activities that they can do at home when the weather isn’t so great, here are a few suggestions for things your kids can do over the Easter holidays. 

Budget Friendly Activities Your Children Can Do This Easter:

Budget Friendly Activities Your Children Can Do This Easter

Plant Flowers:

Spring is the ideal time to get in the garden and start planting bulbs and seedlings for the coming months. And since spring is also about birth and growth, why not get the kids planting daffodils and colourful blooms in the garden for the summer? It will teach them new skills, gets them enjoying the fresh air and they’ll have flowers to enjoy as a reward for their efforts in a few weeks’ time. If you don’t have a garden, you can still plant seeds in pots on a patio or balcony, or in a window box.  

Decorate Your Own Easter Eggs: 

Chocolate is synonymous with Easter, so why not get the kids to make their own Easter eggs that they can decorate in any way they choose. Easter egg moulds are fairly inexpensive, and you can melt whatever chocolate buttons your kids like best to create customised Easter eggs that are tailored to their own tastes. From gummy bears and chocolate sprinkles to icing and dried fruits, the kids can decorate their eggs in a variety of ways for a delicious end result. Want to skip the extra chocolate? Get the kids to decorate empty egg shells with paint for decorations around the home. 

Sign Up For A Holiday Camp:

Kids can get restless away from school, but local holiday camps are a great way to get the little ones enjoying activities and making friends. An Easter holiday camp is the perfect way to keep the kids entertained, especially if you’re a working parent in need of childcare over the school break, and kids will have a blast meeting other people their own age, trying new activities and picking up new skills and interests. From arts and crafts to sports and talent shows, holiday camps give kids of all ages the chance to get involved with a range of activities that they might otherwise never get to try. 

Get Baking:

Children of all ages love to cook and get messy in the kitchen, so why not use the Easter holidays to get creative and bake some goodies together? Hot cross buns are a classic Easter bake and they’re something that kids will love to get involved with. You can make them on Good Friday and enjoy them over the weekend as a family – the perfect breakfast and kids will have the added satisfaction of knowing they helped to make them. 

Be Crafty With Waste Materials:

There are always cardboard boxes, egg cartons or milk bottles laying around the house that will only wind up in the bin eventually. So, why not challenge the kids to create something from these bits and bobs? They can create their own robot characters from cereal boxes, castles or forts from cardboard boxes or imaginative creatures – it’s a cheap form of entertainment that could keep them occupied for hours. 

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Egg And Spoon Races:

What’s more on the theme for Easter than an egg and spoon race? A particularly fun game for younger kids, egg and spoon races are a great way to let the kids burn off steam and enjoy some healthy competition. Why not add to the fun with bunny hop races – simply turn a pillowcase or a burlap sack into a bunny sack with a cotton wool ball sellotaped to the back and have the kids race to the finish line in the garden. 

Set Up A Scavenger Trail:

If you’re lucky enough to live near a park or woodlands, why not go exploring as a family and see if you can find different nature items in the great outdoors. You could write up a list before you head out of different items that the kids then need to seek out for themselves, from butterflies and specific flowers to spotting birds and tadpoles.  

Final Thoughts:

Get ahead with your Easter planning by thinking up activities that the kids can enjoy ensuring you don’t run out of ways to keep them entertained during the break from school. From baking and sports to craft time, these activities will keep them from sitting in front of the TV all week and make even inspire them to take up new hobbies. get blog affiliate

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