Essential maintenance checks you need to keep on top of in your business

One of the things I love about running my own small business is no day is ever the same. One day I could be fencing with my buddies, creating content, watching Olive’s Sports Day or writing my second book. Each day is new. Each day is different. Each day gets my creative juices flowing, but on the downside, there are so many many things that you are responsible for that aren’t fun such as accounts and essential maintenance checks.  In my line of business, my tablet and laptop are really important for creating content and building my brand. However, if they were to breakdown I’d be stuck with how to create content and engage with my community, there is only so much I can do on my mobile. When your appliances play a key role in your business it’s important they are well taken care of.

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Why are essential maintenance checks important?

  • Prevent Problems : Keeping all electrical items PAT tested by a qualified electrician ensuring your equipment is in tip-top condition helps reduce costly and unpleasant problems.  Double check that batteries and chargers are working properly and cables are in good condition.
  • Work Efficiently : When things go wrong it’s a total nightmare and always takes way longer to rectify than if essential maintenance checks had been undertaken, weekly, monthly or yearly.  In order to work effectively, productively and efficiently essential maintenance checks are important.
  • Don’t Ignore Repairs : If something isn’t working don’t leave it to get worse, have it checked straight away before it turns into something more serious.
  • Cost Effective : It’s cheaper and more cost effective overall to keep your products in the best working order as repairs can be expensive.
  • Maintain Security. For me keeping on top of anti-virus software, even if your network is initially set up securely, you will need good management to ensure it stays that way.
  • Stay Up To Date : Ensure all your software is up to date careful upgrades may help improve performance.  Regularly delete redundant files and empty your trash to free up space and keep your laptop running at a good speed.
  • Write It Down : Create a checklist with weekly, monthly and yearly essential maintenance checks and date when you have completed them, keeping on top of these things is key to extending the shelf life of electrical products.

With most things in life, prevention is often better than cure.  Whilst at that moment it might not feel like the best use of both time, money and resources, fixing a broken laptop if far more expensive and inconvenient to my business than routine essential maintenance checks.

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