Event Management for Summer Festivals

The summer season is fast approaching and that means one thing – its festival season!

Now, event facility management is probably not the first thing you think of when someone mentions the word festival, but it is a crucial aspect of any large event. Proper event facility management ensures that facilities meet the needs of all your guests. Failure to meet guests needs could result in dissatisfied guests and negative press towards the summer festival.

In this article, we will take you through the essential facilities for summer festivals and how you should go about hiring a specialist to take care of your event facility management.

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Facilities for your summer festival :

Depending on the size and nature of your festival will help determine what sort of facilities you will require. But for most summer festivals there is an essential list of facilities that you will require – here is an example list.

  1. Toilets : Your guests will need somewhere to go to the toilet, so portable toilets are an essential. There are a range of portable toilets for hire, depending on the nature of your summer festivals. The standard recirculating toilet is the industry standard in portable toilets; it is independent of power and plumbing making it easy to set up in any location. For especially busy summer festivals, the use of temporary urinals can help combat long queues and reduce waste. It is also a requirement for summer festivals to provide facilities for disabled guests, and there are specially designed portable disabled toilets that you can make use of. For luxury summer festivals, or even for the VIP section, you can make use of luxury mobile toilet trailers. These possess all the modern facilities found in a toilet, such as wash basin, mirror and hand dryers.

  2. Welfare Units : As well as guests, summer festivals also require a lot employees to ensure everything goes to plan. These employees require welfare units, such as break rooms, planning rooms, storage rooms etc.  Based on the size of the festival and the amount of employees, an event facility management company would be able to advise you.

  3. Temporary Fencing : A must for any summer festival, temporary fencing ensures no one enters the event without a ticket. They also mark out lines for attendees to queue in, these are especially important at festival entry points and can restrict guests entering employee or VIP areas.

  4. GeneratorsAccess to power is a must at any summer festival, and choosing the right type and amount of generators is crucial for the event to be successful. A reputable event facility management company will be able to assist you in providing the right amount of generators to meet the expected demand.

These are just a few examples of essential facilities you will require for a summer festival. Each event is different and will require many more facilities than this.

event management summer festival

Choosing an event facility management provider : 

Now that you are aware of the scope of facilities required to make a summer festival successful, it is time to consider choosing an event facility management provider.

You need to look for a provider that has experience with large events, has a wealth of hire equipment available and are able to be flexible to fit your needs. A reputable event provider will be able to analyse the plans for your festival and create a strategy that ensures the facility side of things run as smoothly as possible.

This article was supplied by SRP Toilet Hire – experts in Event Facility Management.

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