How to Make A Baby Shower More Unique

Baby showers can be a lot of fun. They’re a chance for loved ones to get together and celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby. However, it seems like most of these celebrations tend to feel like a cliché these days. Even if you spend weeks researching your mother to be, you might find that you’re still turning up to the baby shower with the same old-fashioned party games and decorations you’ve seen a million times before. 

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If you’re looking for something that goes beyond things like gender reveal balloons and custom cupcakes, the following ideas could help you to make a splash at your loved one’s baby shower. 

Pamper the Mother to Be

Your mum-to-be is probably running around all the time these days. She has countless things to think about, from planning maternity leave, to buying new items for the baby, to packing up the baby diaper bag backpack. If you know that she’s been under a lot of stress lately, avoid the traditional baby shower where she’s going to be forced to act pristine in front of everyone. baby diaper bag backpck

Instead, think about making the shower just for her. Pick your mum-to-be up with a couple of her closest friends or loved ones and take them to a spa. There are plenty of treatments that are designed specifically for mothers who are suffering from everything from dry skin to stretch marks. You don’t have to wait until she’s had the baby to make her feel good as new. Even getting your mum-to-be’s hair done and helping her out with a manicure could make her feel like a million bucks. 


Try Something Different with Gifts

Baby showers are an excellent place to stock up on some of the must-have items that parents are going to need, from strollers from somewhere like to towels, food, blankets, clothes, etc., as they jump into the wonderful world of parenthood. However, because everyone has the same ideas, the chances are that your mum-to-be will end up with a lot of duplicates of things that she has already bought herself.

Rather than buying a year’s supply of nappies that might not be any good for the baby, anyway, think about looking for new ways that you can treat your mum to be. Buy her a gift that she’s always wanted and bring the focus back to her instead of the baby for a while. Try to do something unique, so that you’re not delivering the mum another baby grow. Don’t forget to run your ideas by other people that you’ve invited to the baby shower. This way, you can all make sure that you’re getting the mother to be something different. 


Make it a Celebration for Mum and Dad

Why should baby showers be relegated to women’s only events? This old fashioned tradition might have been around for a while, but it’s not always the best thing for your mum to be. If she and the father want to be involved in everything, then let him come along too. You could have non-alcoholic beers for the ladies, and alcohol for the boys if you like. 

Everyone should have an equal chance to celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy. If you invite the dads to the baby shower too, this also increases the chances that your mum to be will end up with even more gifts to fill the baby’s room with. Just make sure that the men you’re inviting actually want to be there before you send out the invitations. Bored people at any kind of party can really kill the vibe, so just let them stay out of it if they want to. 

Get Crafty

Finally, rather than just spending an entire day guessing baby names and eating cake, give your mum a chance to get crafty. You could hire someone to come and teach you and your friends a new skill, like how to make the perfect pizza, or how to crochet. This could be an excellent time to have some fun and teach the mum a cool talent that she’ll be able to enjoy after the baby is born, or even while she’s waiting for the little one’s arrival. 

Remember, if you’re going to be learning something together, you’re probably going to have some hilarious times together. This could be the perfect opportunity to grab some pictures and share them on social media with a dedicated hashtag for your entire crew. If you capture plenty of pictures, you’ll be able to remember this wonderful moment in full colour for years to come! 

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