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Do you see clients in your own home? Or maybe your rent out your spare room on Air B&B? I’ve been considering for a while now offering sessions in my home. Where home workers and freelancers can come together over a cup of tea, cake, talk about small business, work through things together.  How many times do you have an idea and no-body to talk it through with or need help getting a part of your website to work or maybe just someone to schedule social media with? I love co-working in cafes as it’s a great way to get out of the house but they can be busy, noisy and as I’ve discovered sometimes too cold!!! I don’t want to be wearing my coat and trust me on occasion I have! You also can’t type that well with cold fingers! I’d charge a nominal fee to cover refreshments and obviously my time. It would be a super co-working space, full of energy, laughter and most of all support. #2019Goal
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Sounds like an awesome idea, no? So what is holding me back? My home is far from Instagram friendly, mainly due to the fact it houses 3 cats and 3 children, but I’m no going to lie I also hate cleaning!! I would love for a show home house but I’ve long realised until the children leave and take the cats with them this isn’t likely to happen! Our bathroom is the worst it’s a white suite, magnolia walls basic, it really needs decorating although it would take more than a lick of paint to make it shine. I would love to have a hotel boutique style bathroom (and a hotel army of cleaners!) Whilst searching for bathroom decor I stumbled upon QS Supplies brand bathrooms, be still my beating heart! What I wouldn’t give for this bath!
QS bathroom supplies

Designers have thoughtfully crafted this luxury look for the contemporary bathroom, classy, elite and difficult to miss. I reckon it’s the marmite of bathrooms suites. I think they are amazing but Daddy Moo not so much! The bold, geometric shapes and muted colour palette aren’t for the faint hearted, they are definitely not subtle.  Look at the size of the tub! I can imagine soaking in there after a long day of typing, driving and generally juggling family and a small business.

So what do you think? I know you are secretly wishing this was your bathroom suite! I know I am!
2019 goals, snazzy new bathroom followed by setting up my events at home, oh and of course employing a cleaner!

qs bathroom design

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