Myths surrounding family health insurance and health insurance brokers

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If you are looking for family health insurance, you may have plenty of options to choose from.

Drewberry Health Insurance is just one example of health insurance brokers who might be able to provide you with a suitable policy.

Yet this entire area of cover is occasionally subject to some misconceptions which are dealt with below.

It means opting out of the NHS

No, it does not.

By contrast, the National Health Service will still be responsible for providing its typically exemplary service where serious or critical health treatment is required.

Family health cover simply enables you, if you so choose, to obtain fast access to consultants and treatment in situations where there may be waiting lists through the NHS.

Private cover doesn’t allow you to have outpatient treatment

It might well do so, if you select a policy that provides such benefits.

In practice, there may be a wide range of policies available providing different benefits and at different prices. An experienced broker will help you understand some of the options and those that might be particularly suitable for you and your family.

Cover isn’t available if you have an existing medical condition

This isn’t entirely correct either.

Of course, as part of your insurance declaration, you will typically be asked to outline any existing medical conditions from which you are suffering. Your policy provider may then make a decision to take that condition under cover, perhaps in return for a slightly higher premium or subject to slightly different conditions.

Of course, any provider may reserve the right to exclude certain conditions from which you are already suffering but it is certainly worth discussing the matter with somebody such as a broker, rather than making assumptions that you would not be eligible.

You have to pay tax on your policy

No, you do not.

There is a significant difference between family medical cover that you take out yourself as a form of insurance policy and a similar benefit that might be made available to you by your employer.

In both cases, you may be able to gain fast access to consultants and excellent medical treatment without significant delays, a private room if you need hospitalisation and so on.

The difference, depending upon your personal financial situation, is that private medical insurance provided by an employer may need to be taken into account as a taxable benefit.

If you have your own private policy, there should typically be no tax implication for you.

Private medical cover is only for the well off

To the contrary, there is a range of policies available and many of them are tailored specifically for the requirements of ordinary everyday families.

You may be very surprised at how cost-effective such cover is and just how much peace of mind it may give to you and your family.    

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