Ways to Make your Office Space Millennial Friendly

Millennials are the age group all employees are looking to attract. Energetic, passionate and with brains brimming with the very latest in industry trends and technology, they are the future of your company, so making your office somewhere they’d like to spend their time is a priority.  (So that counts me out then! Old, knackered and confuzzled by technology!)

Here’s a few tips to help you make your office more millennial friendly:

1) Leave Hierarchies at the Door

Although there does need to be structure in the workplace, ensuring that millennials don’t feel like they’re beneath more senior members of staff is crucial to making your office millennial friendly. Think about the thriving businesses out there with a millennial CEO leading the way and the way their businesses are structured is much more relaxed than a traditional hierarchy. This more open and equal office environment is appealing to millennials who want to know that in the workplace their voice will be heard.


2) Top Class Technology

Computers and software from the dinosaur age is not going to attract millennials to your office. Young, ambitious and innovative millennials will have been working with top of the range equipment in their university and expect this from the workplace. Improving your technology not only helps them, but it helps you too as its much quicker and easier to use, making your overall office more efficient.

3) Open Plan Office Spaces

One of the biggest ways to put off millennials is by having an office with closed areas. Open plan office spaces are designed to encourage employees to work together with each other and mingle. This tends to promote a more open and sociable office culture which millennials are looking for in the world of work.

4) Gimmicks

Unique things that make your office stand out from the crowd is a great way to attract millennials. A recent study by The Furniture Market revealed just how vain millennials really are, so it’s important to take this into consideration when thinking about the design of your office space. Plenty of mirrors and entertainment spaces with gimmicks like games machines where employees can challenge each other and escape from work for a while can be really attractive.

5) Invest in Food and Beverages

A lot of millennials want a work place they can be proud of and with this in mind everything about your office counts, from how it looks to what types of sandwiches are on offer. Be sure that in the workplace there’s sufficient food and drink offerings that are attractive to a generation who live on trendy street food and caramel macchiatos.

By following these tips, you’ll have tons of millennial talent through the door in no time.

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