Increasing Productivity Using Sales Integration Tools

What sales tools do you use in your small business? There’s so many it can be hard to know which is right for your small business and which can maximise productivity and most importantly sales. You might be already using or familiar with lead generation tools in which to drive sales, but what exactly is lead generation? A lead is basically someone who has indicated an interest in your business/services/product. Lead generation uses a CTA (call to action) to direct the potential customer to a landing page which is used to collect data in exchange for an offer. An offer can be anything from a free download (which is popular amongst bloggers and service providers) to money off vouchers or discount codes.  Lead generation on its own though isn’t going to increase sales.


What is sales integration? :

Of course, all the descriptions and examples are jargon based so bear with me. Sales integration is the process of generating awareness of your brand/business in a potential customer and thus converting that person into an actual customer through buying your products/service. This process involves both the marketing and sales teams (in my case me) and requires both teams to keep updated data on all potential customers.  Using up to date data allows the marketing team to produce marketing campaigns which reflect the collated up-to-the-minute data from lead generation.

Rapidi top salesforce integration tools enable you to share valuable data you collect with other systems to help you plan the best marketing and sales activities.  By doing so your small business;

  1. Increases the amount of emails/mailshots/newsletters read as the content is personalised to the customer’s needs.
  2. Automating tasks saves you time and money.
  3. By understanding their data you get to know your customers a lot better and can target their needs/wants/pain points.
  4. Integrated tools drive new and repeat sales.

Increasing Productivity Using Sales Integration Tools : 

Sales integration tools increase productivity within your small business by;

  1. Streamlining your employee’s workload by having all the data in order, up to date and collated in the same space integrated data across departments significantly increases productivity and reduces stress.
  2. Streamlining this data helps your small business save money too.
  3. It improves customer service and the experience they receive. This, in turn, makes customers happy, happy customers become repeat customers but also champion your small business by telling all their friends about it too.
  4. Better pipeline management & sales conversations

Does your small business use sales integration tools? Do you have a way to utilise the data collected from lead generation? I’d love to hear your views so do leave me a comment below or follow me on Twitter :

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