#40before40 Three Years in the Making

In October 2017 I turned 37. It came as a little bit of a shock as I still think I’m in my 20’s. I’m not even sure I feel like an appropriate adult the majority of the time but somehow I’ve found myself a parent of 3 children, a small business owner and navigating my way through life with Daddy Moo (who I’ve spent nearly half my life with now!).  This paragraph has me aging by the second!

Joanne Dewberry and family

Anyway it got me thinking about doing something just for myself. Sometimes we get so distracted by life and “stuff” that we don’t get chance to do the things we want to do. I’ve also realised this year (2017) that I am absolutely terrible at taking action, I talk the talk but never get anything done! So in true blogger meme fashion I’ve joined the many others who suddenly realise they are about to get really old and made a list of 40 things I’d like to do before I turn 40.

You can follow my journey over the next 3 years as I attempt to eat eels and make a Christmas Album. I’ll update this post as I go along instead of writing a new one.  Some points I’ve added explanations some are self explanatory.

The List #40before40 : 

1. Climb a mountain : This is on! August 2018 Charlie, Daddy Moo and I will be tackling Mount Snowdon. Charlie is most excited about this activity as he can’t wait to join us on our climb, he even started a #15before15 list! (Fingers crossed he grows out of his walking boots so I can have them and he’s strong enough to aid he’s aging parent up a mountain!) We will be staying at YHA Snowdon Pen-Y-Pass Hostel during our trip who have kindly gifted us the accommodation. We are planning to walk up the Pyg Track to the summit and down the Miners back to a nice big bottle of wine at the hostel for me! Any tips for walking Snowdon with a child would be most appreciated.

2. Break a Guinness World Record : This was a goal for 2017 but I ran out of time need to take ACTION (my word of the year 2018)! Stop talking start doing! Charlie and I did research a LOT of records in 2017 so we have an idea which we could try and break, like number of pencils snapped in half in 1 minute NOT run multiple marathons over multiple days in various countries!

3. Finish Degree : I started an OU degree as part of my previous life as a Day Nursery Manager. I thought having a degree in childcare would be really useful. In 2009 with 2 babies and a fledgling business I decided that I couldn’t keep up the momentum. However back in 2014 I received a letter to say I had a number of years left to complete my degree and I thought although I didn’t need/want a degree in childcare anymore I didn’t really want to have half a degree. I have been completing the remainder with units useful to my business. I really thought I would finish this in 2017 but turns out I can’t add up and I’m rubbish at mathes (why did I choose an accounting unit!) 360 points isn’t far off reach now and if I don’t mess up any of the units I should complete way before I’m 40. *crosses fingers and toes*

4. Go to America : Not fussy where …..

5. Write a second book : My first book “Crafting a Successful Small Business” was published in 2012! Come on Joanne how hard can this be! I’m so over thinking it, making it completely it a massive deal now as well it’s taken 5 years and I’ve still not produced one!

6. Make a Chicken Pie :  

7. Buy a brand new car : 

8. See a Puffin : 

9. Enter the London Marathon : 30th April 2018 this specifically says enter the London Marathon. There is no mention of actually running it! Anyway task achieved. So watch this space. (OMG what have I done!)

london marathon #40before40

10. Speak at a Large Event : 

11. See a West End show : 

12. Donate Blood : 31st January 2018 I gave blood I’m such a wimp when it comes to needles so this was pretty much one of my worst nightmares. I was so nervous and everyone was so lovely making sure I was OK. Every person I came in contact with thanked me for being there and doing such an amazing thing 💜 I felt so humbled and a tad emotional. It literally took 6 minutes 14 seconds to take a pint of blood. One pint can save up to 3 people. The whole experience took about an hour, I think we can all spare an hour every 4 months?  That’s pretty incredible. I didn’t expect it to be feeling all the emotions but I did! Sign up yourself www.blood.co.uk there are so many pop up venues that you don’t even need to visit your local hospital. #giveblood

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6th June 2018 I tried to give blood again, however it turned out that my iron levels were too low. It had been a crazy busy day, the weather was so hot, part of me thinks I might not have drank or eaten enough that day and part of me was completely frazzled! Low iron isn’t something new too me I suffered quite a bit when I was pregnant with Megan, the team gave me a super leaflet with tons of foods to help keep my iron levels up. I was really gutted more so that I have to wait 3 months before I can try again. I think this is a case of lack of self-care on my part.

13. Turn on the Christmas Lights :  I’ve always wanted to turn on the Christmas lights you know like they do on the X Factor …. send them back to their home town to turn the lights on to rapturous applause, ample knickers being thrown etc etc !  I emailed a few places in 2017 but sadly it didn’t happen but there is always 2018! (If you are by any chance looking for a Amazon Bestseller, multi award winning, quite nice lady to come and turn on your businesses Christmas lights do get in touch.)

14. PaddleBoarding : 19th June 2018 Excuse the wobbly bits, big pants and extra large thighs and just look at that FACE 😍 If you’re going to try your hand at paddleboarding then what better place to be than sun-drenched Corfu, gliding across the beautiful clear water to the cheering sounds of your children.  We hired a paddleboard for 10 euros and everyone had a go, Megan turned out to be a bit of an expert, unlike Charlie who kept falling off!  It seriously was just the tonic we needed and well yes I have been googling places to paddleboard in the UK, luckily I live on the south coast! I’m also putting paddleboard on my Christmas List! Any advice and tips welcomed I’m not usually a watersports person but paddleboarding is such a tranquil activity, I felt at ease and such calm, I’m hooked!  paddleboarding #40before40

15. See a Band with Megan :

16. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon :

17. Shower in a Waterfall :

18. Ride a Horse :

19. Sing at an Open Mic Night :

20. Go to Iceland : I think most people have the northern lights and swimming in a hot lagoon surrounded by snow on their bucket list.

21. Volunteer Work : I’m positive over the next 3 years I can spare a couple of hours and do something. If it involves fresh air too that would be a bonus.

22. Afternoon Tea at The Ritz :

23. Eat an Eel : 

24. Have an article published in a magazine : From 2013 until it’s demise I was an expert for Craftseller Magazine and appeared in most issues.  It’s a little bit business related and a little bit ego boosting but I’d love to be published in a printed magazine, one my mum can buy at the shops.

25. Purchase 5 things I’ve never bought before : Screws, kumquat, goats milk, stick insect lollipop and ***, yes crazy as it seems I’ve never bought these items before! This should be one of the easiest things to cross off my list!

Kumquat (16th June 2018), not just a super cool word, but an actual fruit like a tiny orange, which it would seem they like a lot in Greece. During our stay in Corfu you could buy all manner of things kumquat flavour, alcohol, sweets, actual fruit, fizzy pop the list goes on. Although I did pose for this photo at a greengrocers in Corfu Town I actually opted to purchase a packet of kumquat sweets for Father’s Day …. they were like sugar coated jellies with a truly unique taste!Kumquat #40before40

26. Have a YouTube Video Go Viral : Which would actually require me to create some video content in order for it to, you know go viral! So I’d hang back until 2020 for this one. In the meantime check out my channel here : YouTube Joanne Dewberry

27. Hit 10,000 followers on ONE of my social media platforms : So my Twitter account is currently at 7500 so the closest to 10,000 if you’re reading this make sure you are following : Twitter CharlieMoos

28. Make a Christmas Album : Every Christmas, a whole host of celebs release an album of either old covers or Christmas songs *cough* Alexander Armstrong *cough*. Daddy Moo and I always have a little chuckle and brand them sell outs (sorry!) or maybe they are super shrewd on the whole passive income angle. Who knows BUT anyway I’m going to give it ago! I might include the children who knows! I would like to donate a percentage of the profits (if anyone buys one!) to charity too.

29. Win a Small Business or Blog Award : This might seem like an odd one as during my time in business I’ve won multiple awards but it’s actually been a few years. So I’d like to win one before I start to feel like I’m all washed up!

30. Write a third book : Hey I’ve written 2 now (see number 5 #40before40 hopefully!) I might as well add another to the list!

31. Twitter Blue Tick : I’ve tried a few times and been unsuccessful but I’ve been trying to up my game and I’ve 3 years to well you know keep trying until they give in and give me one! You can follow me here : Twitter.com/CharlieMoos 

32. Learn a new skill : 27th February 2018 I tried my hand at Rifle Shooting. Not sure it’s a skill I’ll use on a regular basis but it was a lot of fun. Charlie does a lot of rifle shooting with the Scouts, I was so surprised how heavy and technical it actually was. My best score was 17, which must have been a fluke as most of the pellets never hit the target (which in my defense are tiny!)#40before40 rifle shooting

March 26th 2018 Hot Yoga another new skill I tried to master! Illana (Hari Hari) and I ventured down to Yoga Lounge Bournemouth to try a spot of Fierce Grace Yoga. Totally overdressed and totally under prepared! Fierce Grace Yoga combines strength and flexibility for both body and mind. Lasting 90 minutes in temperature of 40 degrees! You certainly are sweating by the end. I’ve never tried Yoga before and I’m not sure my body knew it could bend in those directions.  I wouldn’t say I’d learnt a new skill as such but I would definitely go again, I felt revitalised and slept so well that evening. The Yoga Lounge is easily located, with plenty of free off road parking. The building has a great energy as soon as you walk in you are greeted by happy, smiley staff who were quick to alleviate any nerves and answer my millions of questions. Like why does the room need to be hot?  The room temperature heats your body from the inside out, which helps with relaxation, cardio workout and of course makes you sweat a lot.  Ensure you drink plenty of water before, during and after.
Yoga Lounge Bournemouth Fierce Grace Yoga
March 28th 2018 I gave flower arranging a bit of a whirl! Massive thank you to Edwards Flowers for hosting. Vicky was really supportive and I think I found a hidden talent. Not only do flowers smell amazing, but they are really easy to work with. The perfectionist in me actually liked the fact that there was no right or wrong way, everyone’s creations were unique but looked incredible.

April 30th 2018 Tomahawk Throwing, again not one I will be adding to my list of skills but I gave it a a go! You’d be surprised how much “skill” is actually needed to throw an axe! Here’s me posing with an angel which was even harder to hit the target with! tomahawk throwing
16th May 2018 I remember loving pottery classes at school. I also remember making loads of things which “apparently” all ended up in that one moving box from Tokyo to UK that got lost. That one box, how on earth did that happen! I think though my adult insecurities took over and I found this activity really hard as I couldn’t relax and get into it at all. I was super impatient and found it hard to visualise the colours once it had been fired! But here is my after and before pot, what do you think? Did I succeed in learning a new skill?

Before and after. @charliemoos great dish.

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33. Get a new Tattoo : I’ve wanted one for years but keep putting it off because I need to lose weight I’m a scaredy cat!

34. Got to see World Strongest Man : This is my guilty pleasure. I absolutely adore WSM. I watch it every Christmas/New Year for as long as I can remember.  I’d love to go see the Giants live.

35. Go on a Barista Course : We drink a lot of coffee, too much really! So it would be nice to learn how to make coffee properly or even do a latte milk course and make lush looking cups!

36. Do Something for Charity :  15th January 2018 I organised a head shot session with DK Capture for the networking group I co-host Lemur Linkup, which was obviously hilarious! We raised £50 for Julia’s House Children’s Hospice.DK Capture Photography Session Lemur Linkup

37. Wikipedia Page : I’d love to have my own Wikipedia Page! Imagine that when someone searches my name! Having a Wikipedia page would make me a big deal 😉 I’m not sure of the ins and outs of this one so this might be a 2020 thing too! 

38. Walk on FIRE : Since I added this to my list (although Daddy Moo suggested Fire Eating! this is my tamer version!) I have been seeing events locally popping up all over the place! CRAZY! It didn’t take long to get signed up to one! I will be walking on hot coals in November raising money for Diverse Abilities you can sponsor me via my JustGiving page.
JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

39. Go to the Races : Pre-children I had a bit of a stint working in at the Greyhound Racing Poole taking bets. I loved the buzz and excitement working there. I’ve never been to see any horse racing and would very much love to do so before I turn 40.

40. Have a big 40th birthday party!

I’m really looking forward to the challenges, learning new skills and spending time with special people in my life. If you are a brand, charity or small business that is able to help me achieve my list in anyway then please do let me know.

This post contains affiliate links helping me to fund 3 years of madness!