5 Apps I couldn’t live without

20131006-181711.jpgUntil March 2013 I was an app virgin. I treated myself to an iPad and now have an android phone! I love apps! They make life easier on so many ways. Here are my 5 must have apps.

  1. Facebook – goes without saying that I love being about to share every detail whilst out and about.
  2. Facebook Pages – is a must for all small businesses, keeping your Facebook page upto date on the go. You can even schedule in posts via the app too.
  3. Twitter – so now I sound like a social media freak but I have found as a blogger most brands are easier to tag, catch the attention of via twitter than Facebook.
  4. Calculator – I know not very inspiring but totally practical and useful!
  5. Instagram – obsession isn’t the word for it! I love posting pictures on Instagram, I love the fast share onto Facebook and Twitter, easy universal use of # and seamless tagging from Instagram to Twitter! Big thumbs up from me! And as they say sometimes a picture says a 1,000 words!

What apps couldn’t you live without?

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