Don’t be Blindsided: The Business Guide to Buying Blinds

When someone meets you for the first time, it takes around three seconds for them to determine whether they like you and, in business situations, whether they want to work with you in the future. In business, as in social situations, making a good first impression is crucial, and it’s not only yourself that must make that first great impact, your business needs to follow suit.

Aside from representing your core values, your business premises also needs to be clean, tidy and presentable, from your furniture to your design choices, you need to create a professional, efficient and creative environment.

Office Blind

This post, written by the experts at Swanmac Blinds, will talk you through the most suitable blinds for your business:

Offices and Meeting Rooms
Offices need to be bright and airy places, with big windows offering plenty of natural light to combat the artificial light coming from computer displays and interior lights, however you’ll also need to be able to block the brightness out on occasion.

Early morning sun can be a real problem, creating glare on screens and shining in people’s faces. The staple corporate blind is the vertical blind; offering a clean look, they can be pulled right back so they don’t obstruct the windows. Another option is the venetian blind, these will completely stop sun from sneaking through which is essential in meeting rooms and large offices where wall displays and projectors are used during presentations, training, client meetings and so on.

Schools and Nurseries
Many schools now come equipped with electronic white boards and projection walls, so again, it’s important you can keep the glare of the sun away when necessary. Vertical blinds are commonplace in schools and nurseries however you don’t have the option to completely lift them out of reach of small children. Roller blinds allow you to pull the blinds up as far as you like – and high enough so that they’re not in reach of small hands! In schools and nurseries in particular anti-ligature blinds are crucial to ensure maximum health and safety levels.

Hotels and B&Bs
Great design and stylish furniture is a must in the hospitality sector, but making sure your customers get a great night’s sleep is equally important – with this in mind blackout blinds could be the perfect option for your rooms. However, if you did want to add a little style you could look for venetian blinds, available in a huge range of colours and materials, you’re sure to find one that perfectly complements your interior design.

Salons and Beauty Clinics
Venetian blinds made from aluminium slats are a clear winner in both salons and beauty clinics. With a large amount of products being used inside the rooms, combined with a lot of loose hair, you need a blind that is easy to clean. Venetian blinds can simply be dusted and wiped clean unlike fabric blinds that could stain or start to look dull after a period of time. Another benefit of venetian blinds is they provide a degree of privacy for your customers while they’re in the treatment rooms as well as allowing you to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Cafés and Coffee shops
Roller blinds, custom designed sporting your logo or your brands colours are the perfect choice for coffee shops. Not only do the look great, you can also lower them slightly in the early morning and late afternoon when the sun is low without blocking out all the light and putting off potential customers. Exterior blinds are also something to consider; stylish awnings that can be rolled out to cover the front of your shop can provide much needed shade or just offer a little protection for your outdoor seating areas.

When finding the ideal blinds for your property, whatever your business may entail, the most important thing to remember is that you need to combine practicality with panache; your blinds need to provide a purpose as well as harmoniously fitting in with the current style of your business.

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