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BT Marketing SolutionsI saw this image on BT Marketing Solutions Facebook Page and I felt compelled to share it. It really is a useful blogging tip. I also find posts that are structured in easy bite size tips like “6 ways to promote your business before half term” and “top tips for writing product reviews” are popular as they are visually appealing to readers. Those posts in long rimes of writing never get the shares and comments – I guess readers get bored.

Here are 5 top blog content tips :-

  1. FAQ’s – like my post “Facebook Business Pages – how to increase visibility” came from being asked this time and time again.
  2. Infographics – are also a great way to make content simple, bite size and shareable.
  3. How to guides – like this one from Single Mothers Ahoy! How to make Christmas decorations. 
  4. Numbered tips – like the 6 ways to promote your business before half term. Or 3 reasons you …. 10 top tips for … you get the idea 😉
  5. Collated information – asking a question on your Facebook Page and then using the information by others (linking back to their sites) to give a clear list of tips. This is also useful for increasing your readership as those who you have quoted will share with their readers too.  For example this post on “Top Tips for writing a Twitter Bio

What kind of posts to do you find popular on your blog? I’d love to hear 🙂

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