Mumpreneur noun;

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It’s taken me a while to get round to writing this post so either

  1. This will be new knowledge and you will be excited
  2. You’ve read it all before (if so move along please nothing to see 😉 )

So the Collin’s Dictionary have added mumpreneur as a word in their 2011 Dictionary.  Is it about time? A sign that mums in business are being more recognised for the work they do?

There are the pro’sMumsClub write a great post here about what it means to them.   And there are the against – Motivating Mums which is a bit ironic if you read it Debbie states the term made her feel inadequate – not quite the motivating mum 😉 but everyone will have their opinion and I’m sure you will have and share yours with me!

I know your all waiting to hear what the term means to me.  Now that is a tricky question.   I see mumpreneurs in a different light to business mums.   I see business mums as anyone with children – if you think about it the Queen is one 😉 Mumpreneurs on the other hand are mums more like me.   Splitting their time between writing a book and breast feeding a baby.  Sewing party bags in snatched moments while the older children are at school and the baby is asleep.   Answering emails at midnight in my pj’s, talking into my dictaphone in the car and scribbling in my notebook at soft play (I’d look like a loon using the dictaphone here!) – you work is dictated by your children they come first … is this you? Then I believe you too are a mumpreneur.

teaching my daughter ‘music man’ precious times

But I won’t be a mumpreneur forever .. as soon as I have 9-3 child free Monday-Friday my life can be more structured. My working day will be during school time, my evenings dedicated to reconnecting with my long forgotten partner (although Daddy Moo is possibly not looking forward to nightly chit chats with me!) and maybe watching some decent TV. I might even get chance to read a book or two.  I will be a much more conventional working mum – business mum.  My business will come first, earning lots of money enabling me to have 6 weeks holiday in the summer my priority.  My children will take a mini back seat, as they spend their days learning.

Those of you who know me well will know this business mum status has been a bit of a mission for me! I have been dreaming about September 2012 when I was to be child free … now with the introduction of baby Olive my child free days now wave at me in the distant future of 2015!

But you know me I wouldn’t change a thing!

A normal life would be way too boring!!


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