Christmas Lists And Vision Boards Have More In Common Than You Think

It’s November so we can officially start looking at and talking about Christmas. Just like most children in the upcoming weeks and months, Olive has been obsessed with sourcing pictures, cutting up magazines and surfing the internet like a pro for brilliant children’s presents to fill her Christmas List with.  She is currently in love with Wicked Uncle as the website is easily laid out by gender, age, price and categories such as “Best Baking Gifts” which makes it super easy for her to navigate and find what she wants/needs! Although no Olive you really do not need Unicorn Poo I don’t care how Rare, Magical & Sticky it is!
wicked uncle christmas lists and vision boards

Christmas Lists And Vision Boards Have More In Common Than You Think:

Lists Are Important: By creating Christmas Lists and Vision Boards you are able to focus on what really matters.  Plus who doesn’t love a list!? Like seriously and the great thing about a Vision Board is just that it’s a beautiful list made up of gorgeous images and words which invoke feelings of joy and productivity – I want to achieve these things. Sometimes I even find I absorb the information without even trying because it’s so pretty to look at.  Creating lists, also help you organise, prioritise and reward yourself, a Christmas List is no different.

Mindfulness: Tasks that require repetition aid in calming and quieting the mind they act like meditation for the brain. These include tasks such as colouring in, where our awareness is totally in that the task at hand. Flicking through magazines, cutting and sticking definitely ticks all the boxes of bringing our focus and awareness toward the present activity.

Goal Setting and Clarity: Creating a Vision Board is a perfect way to clarify your goals and set your intentions for the year ahead, and surprisingly Christmas Lists do too.  Creating Christmas Lists and Vision Boards help to narrow things down. Olive regularly removes things from her Christmas List as she’s either realised she wants something better or she’s watched a YouTube unboxing, or a Wicked Uncle toy review and decided it’s not actually for her! The same with creating Vision Boards, I regularly cut up cards and words out of magazines thinking they’d be perfect but when I sit down to create my Vision Board I’m usually drawn to something else which I realise has greater significance to me.

It’s a Fun Thing To Do: Whilst it might not sound like it, creating Christmas Lists and Vision Boards provide you with a sense of calm, put you in a meditative state and help clear your mind.  This reduces stress levels and increases concentration.  AND seriously, who doesn’t love making lists of things they want and need?

What Equipment Do You Need? 

Literally, anything goes! Remember Christmas Lists and Vision Boards are for you! No-one else! I like to make mine in a collage fashion but if you prefer a more rigid structure then go ahead!

  • A3 sheet of card
  • For Olive’s Christmas List we used a tablet and printer too so she could print her finds.
  • For Vision Boards Magazines and lots of them, motivational quotes, words, images of your family/home/pets.
  • Glue Stick.
  • Stickers, washi tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Space to cut, stick and collate.

Enjoy the process as much as the outcome. Are you planning to create any Christmas Lists and Vision Boards this year?

Christmas Lists And Vision Boards Have More In Common Than You Think

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